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Watch out for Wal-Mart Remodels! Serious Clearance!

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My local Wal-Mart is remodeling.  Chances are, there are Wal-Marts all over the Nation remodeling or getting ready to.  If that is the case for you, get ready for some awesome deals!

Last night I chatted with the Wal-Mart manager at the American Fork, Utah store.  She told me that because of the remodel, they are clearancing tons of items around the store. I have never seen so many red clearance prices up and down every aisle!

I imagine that the more complex the remodels get, the better the clearance prices will get!  There are even clearance prices on food items.  They had their Hunt’s Pasta Sauce for only $.48!  And, that is the price WITHOUT a coupon.

So, if your Wal-Mart location starts remodeling soon, you will have the heads up on what to expect! They have a lot of merchandise to keep moving in order to get the remodel job done quickly… the less merchandise, the faster they can get it done.  I think that is their idea behind the clearance prices! And it all sounds good to me!~

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  1. Our Walmart went through a remodel last fall. It was a pain as every so often they had to move product from one side of the store to another as they remodeled different areas but if you can put up with not finding what you need you can snag some very sweet deals. Ours eventually had a clearance section outside at the the front of the store and what was there changed hourly. They even had a cashier out there to ring up purchases or scan prices. Several times we found that the $1 item rang up as $.50!!

  2. If possible would you mind posting any other great clearance prices you may see at the A.F. Walmart location?

  3. Melea, which Walmart location do are you referring to? The Walmart I shop at rarely has anything on clearance, that I have noticed.


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