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Walgreens Online Deal for Diapers! $3.77 per pack! WOW!

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WOW!  Now this is a killer deal on diapers!  And, it will go fast just like the last online diaper deal from Amazon.  So, get ready!

Walgreen’s Brand Diapers are on sale for $5.99
**Ok, this is tricky. So Make sure you follow this deal step by step!

  • Head to Walgreens online.
  • Scroll do the bottom of the Walgreens Home Page.  You will see “Sweepstakes and Promotions” at the very bottom of the page. Click on that.
  • Then, scroll down the promotions page until you see the “Spend $25 Online and get a $10 Credit Picture.”  Click on that.
  • Click on the red “Shop Now” button to get started and have your credit work.

You do one of two scenarios from this point:
1- Spend $25 and get a $10 Credit to your Walgreens account to use in the future.
2- Or, spend $50, use the $10 off Promo code and you SHOULD still qualify for the $10 credit to your account as well.  However, I cannot guarantee that it will let you use both $10 off codes.  It does not say that you can’t in the exclusions.  So I am guessing that you can.  BUT- you have to place your order through the red “Shop Now” button on the page I just directed you to!

For Scenario #1:
Purchase 5 Packs of Walgreens Premium Diapers to hit over $25
Check out like normal.  You will also get free shipping for being over $25.
You will have a $10 credit from Walgreens show up in your account to use in the future in a few days.
Deducting the $10 credit, it’s like paying $3.99 per pack of Diapers!!

For Scenario #2:
Purchase 9 Packs of Walgreens Premium Dipaers to hit over $50
At Checkout, enter code SUMMER10.  Your shipping will be free too.
You will end up paying $43.91, but you should get back a $10 credit in your account to use in the future.
Deducting the additional $10 credit, it’s like paying $3.77 per pack!
**Like I said earlier, I can’t guarantee that you will get the additional $10 credit too.  But, it looks like you should without a problem!  Just make sure you go through the links I told you, or it won’t work!

**By the way, Walgreens has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their diapers.  So, if they don’t work for you, they will refund you!  I’ve never tried them myself.  But at this price, you can’t really pass it up!

(Thanks Karen!)

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  1. Melea:I did it and I already got my $10 credit notification via e-mail, so the deal totally works!

  2. I received mine too

  3. This does indeed work for the $50 scenario. I found the size 4 & 5 diapers were already out of stock, but as my daughter is about ready for pull-ups, I purchased nine packages of them, instead. I got the $10 off my order with the $50 purchase, free shipping for spending over $25, and just now I got an email informing me of my $10 credit for my next purchase. Thanks for the great deal!!!


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