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Target's BEST Deals 6/6-6/12

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

**Don’t forget, there is a KRAZY Limited- Time Newspaper Subscription Deal for Utah Residents right now that I grabbed for you guys.  You basically end up getting each Sunday Newspaper for only $.75 each!!  So, if you don’t have coupon inserts yet, you will want them to start saving some serious money!

To all you newbies, SS Stands for Smart Source, RP Stands for Red Plum and PG Stands for Proctor and Gamble.  They are all of the coupons inserts you can get in your Sunday paper.  Even if you don’t get the Sunday Paper, there are a lot of deals below that use printable Target coupons and printable manufacturer coupons!  I have negotiated the BEST Rates for a Sundy Only Subscription for you guys, so check it out and you will save even more with your subscription!

Target will take one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for each item!  So, if I list both, make sure you print them both out. 

** Also, if you have already printed out your two on the Target site, they will not be there when you go to get them.  If you are new to using coupons or using them at Target, read my posts about it here, here and here.

Target’s BEST Deals 6/6-6/12

Beach Bags by Mossimo and Xhiliration only $5.00!

Toddler Circo Flip Flops $5.00!

FREE $10 Gift Card with purchase of Any new or transfered Prescription.  **Use coupon in this weeks’ ad!

Purchase 3 Selected First Aid Products and receive a Free First Aid Bag
Possible Scenario
Purchase Hello Kitty Band-Aids 20 ct. $1.89
Purchase 2 Benadryl Itch Relief Sticks $2.29 each
Bring the Red First Aid Bag with you to checkout as well
Use the $.50 off Band Aid Coupon from the 04-25-10 SS
Plus, use the $.75 off Band Aid Target Coupon
Use the $5.00 off 2 Benadryl Coupon from the 04-11-10 RP
Total cost $.22 for everything and the Free First Aid Bag!

Purchase 3 of the following and get a $5.00 Target Gift Card: Huggies Big Pack Diapers or Overnights, Viva Paper Towels, Cottonelle 30 pk Toilet Paper, Scott 24 Pk toilet paper.

Possible Scenario
UPDATE:  OK, so I went to Target.  Only the smaller big packs are $19.99.  They have about 80-100 diapers in them.

Purchase 2 Big Packs of Huggies Diapers at $19.99 Each
Use 2 of the $3.00 off Coupons from my post here
Or, there is also another Huggies Coupon that has reset for $3.00 off
You pay $33.98, but you get a $5.00 Gift Card Back
Total cost $14.49 each-  

Nature Made Fish Oil Supplements $5.00
Use the $2.00 off Nature Made Coupon from the 05-23-10 SS
Total cost $3.00

Purchase 5 Nestle, Dreyer’s or Haagen Dazs Frozen Treats, get a $5.00 Gift Card Back
Possible Scenario -if you have Edy’s Ice Cream in your area!
Purchase 1 Nestle Drumsticks 10 ct and 4 Eddy’s Ice Cream Quarts
Use 2 of the $1.00 off 2 Eddy’s Ice Cream Coupons from the 05-16-10 SS
You pay $13.00, but you get a $5.00 Gift Card back
Total cost $8.00 for 4 Quarts of Ice Cream! WOW!  Only $2.00 each!

Possible Scenario
Purchase 5 Nestle Drumsticks 10 ct for $2.75 each
Use 5 of the $1.00 off Nestle Drumsticks Coupons from the 05-02-10 SS
You pay $8.75, but get a $5.00 Gift Card Back.
Total cost $3.75- That’s $.75 for each 10 Pack! WOW!

Buy 3 Quaker Products, Get 1 Free
**It looks like almost all quaker products are participating in this promotion.
Purchase 3 Capn Crunch Cereals for $2.67 each
Use 3 of the $.50 off Capn Crunch Cereal Coupons from the 05-16-10 SS
You pay $6.51 and get a Free Box of Capn Crunch Cereal
Total cost $1.62 for 4 Boxes of Capn Crunch ( The large boxes)

(Thanks to Totally Target for a few of the prices listed above!!  I will only post the BEST Deals that I see.  If you would like to see more, check out Savvy Shopper Deals.)

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  1. HI! I don't think the biggest pack of diapers is on sale, just the one down from that. For size 4 there are 82 in each. Let me know if that's not the case at your Target

  2. I am having problems getting the Nestle Drumsticks coupon to print. Any suggestions?

  3. How do I get the subscription details? I have been running around to neighbors to get their coupons, I just want to have them come to me!

  4. Melissa-At the top of this post I wrote Krazy Limited Time Newspaper Deal. Just click on that and it will tell you how to grab the deal!

  5. Thanks so much!

  6. I just wanted to let you know a few things. First off, the sizes for the Huggie Diaper deal size 2:100 3:96 4:82 5:70 6:60 . Then Walmart will not take away printable coupons that you get anything free, buy one get one free. This policy started just this last week. Just thought that you might like to know.

  7. You can also combine the $3.00 target coupon on their coupon website a few days ago and get $6.00 off each box plus the $5 giftcard. Not many people have mentioned these target diaper and wipe coupons…I'm surprised…maybe I'm the only one that got them!

  8. The coupons Nestle Drumstick coupons are only for the Lil'Drums, which are not part of the sale/promo (so don't waste your ink printing the coupons). It only includes the 4-ct Drumsticks and w/out the coupon this isn't that sweet of a deal. The Dryer's Ice Cream is though…works out to be $2 each. I stocked my freezer!

  9. SterlingSpectrum, the coupon on target's website was still a manufacturer's coupon so you can't combine it. Also remember that most of the coupons we get are for the Little Movers/Snugglers so the number of diapers is even fewer, i.e. size 3 has 72 diapers in it. I'm not sure this is a fantastic deal at all. I might be making a return. Tell me if my math is wrong but here's my take: $19.79 – $3 Mfr Q – $2.50 for half of the giftcard = $14.29 divided into 72 diapers for size 3 is almost 20 cents a diaper. Whereas if you used the coupons on a smaller pack whish is usually 9 NOT on sale you get it to be 19.3 cents per diaper for size 3 (pack of the little movers is 31) Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. 🙂

  10. Size of the little snugglers actually has 76 diapers making them 18.8 cents per diaper. so it is better than just buying the smaller packs with the $3 coupon.

  11. My target huggies coupons had the logo on it and they rang up fine with my manufactures coupons. You can combine a manufactures coupon with a store coupon. There were several different huggies coupons, some were for 60 ct. or larger Snug and Dry and some were Snugglers/Little Movers. I bought them when thay were on sale for $8.99 a jumbo pack. My total for 2 packages of diapers and a large 184 ct. wipe was $11.47.


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