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Saving Money During Errand Time!

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When I am out running errands, I always seem to keep finding other errands to run.  And before you know it, I’ve been out for a few hours, totally lost track of time and keep going because I just want to finish my “to-do” list.  Sound familiar??

The most annoying part about this whole scenario is that I usually end up running to a fast food joint to grab something to eat because I am starving!  And of course, I end up paying full price.  And I hate that!

So, what I have started to do is make sure I have all of my restaurant coupons and gift certificates in my car with me at all times.  And, when a great Gift Certificate deal comes along I grab it for situations like these.  Then, when I am out stuck running errands and our family gets hungry, I can pay half the price instead!

City Deals just released a new promo for $20 worth of Taco Time Gift Certificates for only $10.  Which is a killer deal!  So by grabbing a few of these now, you won’t pay the price later when you are out and about and needing to grab some food to keep you and your kids sane!

Depending on what is around your “errand- area”, here are a few other similar deals:

$30 worth of Sconecutter Gift Certificates for only $15!

$20 Worth of Quiznos Gift Certificates for only $10!  (Remember, Kids Eat Free with a Paying adult!- This one could go a long way!)

Just by planning ahead a bit, you will save a TON of money in the long run.  Because I know we all have those moments where grabbing something to eat while you are out is necessary!

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  1. I really wanted to grab the Quizno's gift card for my hubby since that's his usual lunch break spot, but they don't have one listed in his area (clearfield, ut) do you think I could get the SLC one and still work out our local one?

  2. Im not sure. It would depend if they are franchise owned or not. I would call up the Clearfield location and ask them if they would take it. Ask for a manager if they are clueless.


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