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UPDATE:  Giveaway has ended!

I’m going to spend the next few minutes divulging a little more personal information than I would like. But I hope that maybe my experience will help some of you out there!  Wow, here it goes…..

When I had my first little girl in July, I ended up gaining 60 pounds! I honestly couldn’t believe it and how it had even happened. But there I was still 45 pounds overweight a few weeks after I gave birth.  When you gain that much weight or even more, it is SO hard to get it off. I tried everything from eating right and exercising and the scale would barely budge.  It really took a toll on my self-esteem when I wasn’t losing weight and not heading back to what I was before my pregnancy.

I had a friend tell me about HCG and it honestly sounded kind of strange.  I just couldn’t grasp the idea of how it worked.  Then, I started to see other people on HCG change!!  My husband’s friend lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks.  He was never hungry, received all the nutrition he needed and has kept off all of the weight since.

At that time in my life, I was so desperate to do anything to budge the scale, that I went for it.  During my first 2 weeks, I lost 13 pounds!!  I learned new eating habits that had been previously destroyed during the pregnancy and have kept off all of the weight.  I even continued to lose weight once I was off the HCG! 

And, now after 9 months, I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight!  I knew I wouldn’t have been able to reach it, unless I got that kick start from HCG and learned new eating habits.  It completely reset my metabolism and made such a huge difference!

There is a company called Pounds and Inches Away.  They are located in Draper, Utah and help with the entire process of HCG. (They can even help out of state clients too!!)

They will explain it to you in a way you understand, give you support during the week, and call or email you during the week to check in and make it the easiest process for you.

They will also do a weekly weight check in, make sure that you are feeling ok, make sure you aren’t hungry at all and in my experience have REALLY taken care of their customers!!  I liked knowing there was someone there who had used HCG before with hundreds of other people and knew how to make it work for me too!

First of all, they are offering Freebies2Deals readers a special discount!! And, even if you don’t live in Utah, you can still get this discount!!  

For those of you who would like to do the HCG Program on your own, you can get the Do It Yourself Program for only $97!!!  It includes an Instruction Booklet, Oral Syringe for your HCG, Water Bottle, 2 oz Bottle of HCG- which will last you about a month! 

For those of you who want the support system and people helping you along the way, you can grab the Full Support HCG Package for only $289! It normally costs $467!   It includes the Getting Started Video, Information Booklet, Full Consultation, Weigh in pictures and measurements, Oral HCG, Check-ins 2 times a week, unlimited support by email and phone, weekly weight ins, maintenance video and maintenance support.

Plus, for the first 15 People that jump on this deal will get either a Package of Breadsticks for Free (one of the items you eat each day) or 10% off any other items you purchase on the day you get started!!  And, if you are chosen to be the winner after you purchased the Full Support Package, then I am sure they would work it out with you!  To grab either of these great discounts, just call up Inches and Pounds Away at 801-571-3438. Or 877-993-3438. Mention that you would like the Freebies2Deals Discount! 

Here is a before and after picture from a Pounds and Inches Away Client that might give you a little motivation:

Pounds and Inches Away is also giving away an Entire HCG and Support Package to one lucky Freebies2Deals Reader! (Worth $467) Whether you have 10 pounds to lose, or 100, HCG will help you get there. 

The Full Support Package includes:

The Getting Started Video Booklet
Full Consultation
BEFORE pictures and measurements
Check- in calls two times a week
Unlimited Support by Phone or Email
Weekly Weight ins
Maintenance Video and Maintenance Support. (designed to help you keep off the weight)
AFTER pictures and measurements

To enter this Giveaway, you will need to write a short essay telling them why you want to lose the weight, or why you should win!  You can even write an essay for a family member or friend who deserves to win! 

Email your story to Danyelle at Pounds and Inches Away- And then Make sure to send me a copy of it as well to IMPORTANT:  The winner must be willing to share their weight loss progress with us!  You MUST State that in your essay!!

The Giveaway Starts now and ends on Thursday, June 10th at 10am!!  We will be posting the winner then!  So make sure you check the site to see if you won!!

Good luck everyone!  I hope my experience can help some of you who are going through the same thing!!

**HCG is what worked for me and helped me get to where I wanted to go. With this giveaway and special offer, it is my hope that it will help some of you who are in similar situations!  As with any diet or exercise plan, please consult a doctor before starting a new plan.

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  1. I am a registered dietitian and just want to give a word of caution. This is not a negative comment, just wanting to let people know that HCG is not an answer for everyone, particularly if you have just 10 lbs to lose. Just be aware of what you are doing to your body before you jump into any wt loss program and look at the side effects and long-term effects. Just because you may win this for free doesn't mean it is the answer for YOU. Also, I can't help but notice in the before & after pictures on this post that the lady has clearly had some type of breast enhancement (IMO). Who knows what else she has done.As a dietitian who has seen lots of people try to lose weight, I just want to emphasize what Melea pointed out which is that whatever you try should include proper eating (and I'll add safe physical activity). Good luck to all those on the weight loss journey 🙂

  2. How long is the discount available?

  3. Lauren-I will check! I dont think for long though.

  4. I did the HCG on my own and lost 18lb in 22 days. I've kept it off and felt much better about myself I plan on doing it one more time but is a mental preperation before you do be ready to eat great, enthusiastic to lose weight, and prepared to keep eating good when your off the HCG. I would recomend the diet.

  5. I started Hcg about 14 months ago and six months later I was down almost 60 pounds and have kept almost all of it off!! If I gain more than 5 lbs, I do the maintanence plan and it comes off in 5-7 days. Nothing else worked and I feel terrific. I am a registered nurse and throughly researched hcg. It is a hard diet but it works if you are committed and do it!

  6. Hey everyone, I definitely welcome comments! But as stated above, Anonymous comments will be deleted from the website.


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