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New Cellfire Coupons out- Use them with the Smith's Coupon Event!

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You may have already gone to Smith’s for the Coupon Event.  But that is ok.  I usually go a few times depending on what coupons come out, and what eCoupons are released.

Cellfire just added more eCoupons.  So, there are a few more deals you can grab when you stack the eCoupon with a regular manufacturer coupon!  Or, you can repeat a few of the awesome ones!

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.69
Purchase 5
Use the $.50 off 2 Fruit Snacks eCoupon from Cellfire
And load the $.50 off 2 Fruit Snacks eCoupon from Smiths
PLUS, use 2 of the $.50 off 2 Fruit Snacks Coupon (will change to $1.00 off 2)
Total cost $1.09 each!!  But, because you purchased 5, you will get a $3.50 Catalina
Total cost $.39 per box!!!

Betty Crocker Warm Delights 1.99
Purchase 2
Use the $.55 off Warm Delights eCoupon from Cellfire
Plus, use the $.75 off Warm Delights eCoupon from Shortcuts
And use 2 of the $.50 off Warm Delights Coupon (will double to $1.00)
Total cost $.34 each!

The Fruit Snack Deal is an awesome one to grab now for upcoming school lunches, or even to use at the pool this summer. 

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  1. I am still trying to get this couponing thing down. Can I take 2 BOGO coupons for bodywash, and only purchase 2 of the bodywash, making them both free after the coupons? And, if so, which stores will do this?

  2. I tried the catalina deal for fruit snacks at a "regular" Smith's, but catalina didn't print. Went to Smith's Marketplace and it worked. Same thing with the instant Coppertone $5 off coupon event that occurred a few weeks ago–no go at regular Smith's, but worked at Marketplace. I think if it's a Kroger deal, then only Marketplace's participate. If you don't see a tag on the shelf saying you'll get a coupon at a regular Smith's, then you MAY not get the catalina. I could be wrong, but it seems to work that way. My advice? Just go to Smith's Marketplace.

  3. Christie-No, you can't use 2 BOGO Coupons and only purchase 2. If the store has a BOGO sale and then you have a BOGO coupon, some stores will take that and you can get 2 items for free. Some walgreens will do it and Rite Aids always will.Bunged-Very strange. I did the Fruit Snacks deal at a regular Smith's and it printed out. So, wonder why it doesn't print sometimes. Maybe there is a fruit snack exclusion- I'll have to look into it.Melea

  4. Also, tried loading Smith's ecoupons yesterday and today, but says in short "try again later". Is anyone else having this problem? Same problem with P & G's website.

  5. Haven't had a problem with the coupons loading, but I have had a problem the last two times I went to Smith's with their own ecoupons coming off. Melea, should I just call their customer service line? Very strange. My Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons always come off. As for the fruit snacks, I know that at our store, it specified which ones qualified for the catalina.

  6. Kristy-Yes, call customer service for sure! Also, you may want to make sure that your phone number isn't tied to another Smith's Values Card. That may be why your coupons aren't coming off.

  7. I got the catalina for fruit snacks at a regular Smith's, but it was my understanding that it was only for Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, etc. and not the regular fruit snacks.

  8. I have been having some issues with ecoupons coming off of my fresh values card as well. I called the fresh values customer service line (you can get their number from customer service in Smith's) and they reimbursed for the amount of the coupons that did not work in the form of a digital coupon on my card. I went to the store next and got that amount taken off my total.They are pretty good about fixing the problem

  9. I had only purchased Gushers and bought 6 boxes, so don't know why catalina didn't print. There was no sign indicating a catalina, so I wonder if some stores participate and others don't?? I remember in April a Pillsbury rolls catalina was posted at one Smith's but not another. Hard to tell!


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