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My Trip to Smith's

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Yes, it is 1:30 in the morning and I just got back from my shopping trip at Smith’s. I wanted to run over there tonight, since a new set of coupons came out today.  And I wanted to make sure I clued you all in on any new deals that were out first!

My total bill came to $73.38 and after coupons I only ended up paying $28.77 for 48 items!  Plus, I received a $3.50 Catalina from my Betty Crocker Fruit Snack Purchase, a $.50 off Catalina, a $.10 Fuel Reward and a Free Redbox Movie Rental Catalina!  My total savings was 74%.  And, I was able to purchase a few more expensive items and still have a much lower total.

Here are a few tips to make shopping at Smith’s a lot easier:

1- Make sure you have an actual copy of your Smith’s card.  I wouldn’t recommend just giving the cashier your phone number.  For some reason, it doesn’t always pull up the correct card (if you have ever had more than one).  So to always make sure your Smith’s eCoupons come off, scan the actual card.  Also, I stacked numerous manufacturer coupons and eCoupons to get some killer deals tonight.  So don’t forget about using those together!

2- When you are using eCoupons or loadable coupons, you may not see them come off until after the cashier hits the finish key. (It is still before you pay). 

A few more deals I found tonight:

Smart Balance Milk $2.99
Use the $2.00 off Smart Balance Coupon from the 06-13-10 RP
Plus, load the Smith’s $2.00 off Smart Balance eCoupon
Total cost FREE, plus a $1.01 Moneymaker!

Dole Crushed Pineapple 8 oz Cans $.79
Use the $.50 off 2 Dole Coupons from the 06-27-10 SS
**will change to $1.00 off 2
Total cost $.29 each! 
Plus, I purchased 4 cans and received a Catalina Coupon for $1.00 off 8 cans in the future.  Plus, I also received a $.50 off my Next Shopping Order Catalina!
Total cost $.17 each when you add in the $.50 off Catalina!
Let us know if you get it too!

Morton Iodized Salt $.79
Use the $.50 off Morton Salt Coupon from the 06-20-10 RP
**will change to $1.00 off
Total cost FREE, plus a $.29 Money Maker on each one!

Shout (Part of Daytona Event)
Use the $.55 off Coupons attached to Bottles
**will change to $1.00 off
Then, you should get a $1.00 Catalina at checkout!
Makes the bottles Free!
(Thanks Tara!)
Let us all know if you find any other awesome deals!  You can check out my previous post to see some of the deals I went to go and grab tonight.

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  1. I think today is the last day of the $1 round-up coupons, but you can snag FREE Colgate toothpaste, FREE crest toothpaste and FREE Colagate and Crest toothbrushes. All these items are currently on sale for $1.00 each, plus the RP & SS coupons from yesterday's paper. Remember that you can donate these items in any local can drive, even if you don't feel you need them yourself.

  2. I went to Smith's this morning and used 4 of the .20 off 2 Cool Whip coupons from yesterday's insert. (The coupons went up to $1 off) Cool Whip is on sale for .99, plus when I bought 8 Cool Whips, I received a $3 Catalina. That made my 8 Cool Whips cost $1!

  3. I used Julies's tip about the Cool Whip but only purchased 6 and received the $3.00 Catalina!

  4. With the Cool Whip…buy them in 4's. Then you get a $2 catalina making them free!

  5. Thank you melea. My bill came to $124 total. after all coupons and everything I paid $62. Wahoo! I might just go back for the cool whip too. Thanks ladies 🙂

  6. Just a quick question, how are you finding your percentage saved off of the totals that you're giving? I'm confused! Thanks for the help

  7. Bailey, Your receipt should say what percentage you saved at the bottom. Right where it breaks your savings down into how much you saved with coupons, with Rewards card, etc. It will put your total savings and the percentage in ( ). I went back today just for the colgate deals! Picked up a gallon of milk too (85% savings!)

  8. I saved about $300 last night and only spent $40 of my $200 store credit I got for transferring prescriptions. Everyone behind me in line hated me for taking so long, but hey, they were probably just jealous. 🙂

  9. Okay, I know this is a weirdo question.. but I don't get what CAtalina is. What does this Catalina mean?


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