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Megaplex Theater Discount and Awesome Deal Idea!!

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NEW UPDATE:  The deal has been updated to make it even better!  You will get 4 Tickets, 4 Popcorn Vouchers all for $32.95!  PLUS, the Great Harvest Code is Working!!!  So Purchase 2 Megaplex Packages and then use code GREATHARVEST at checkout.  You will get 8 tickets, 8 Popcorns and $20 to use at Great Harvest!  WOW! 

We all go to the Movies.  But, it is really nice to get a discount on them!!  City Deals has just released a Megaplex Theater Discount.  For $32.95, you will get 4 Tickets to any Megaplex Theater and 4 Regular Popcorns! 

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  1. The movie passes aren't good on any movies that say no passes or discounts. So that basically is all new releases. Pretty much you are getting a discount of $1 popcorns. Not so great I think besides the $20 gc to great harvest 🙂

  2. its actually 4 tix and 4 popcorns 🙂 great find!!!

  3. I just placed an order @ 5:55 pm today and it let me use the great harvest code successfully. so it appears there are still a few left…good luck!

  4. they are still advertising the "greatharvest" promo and i just used it along with 2 of these megaplex packs and everything worked great! and the other poster is correct…the site says 4 tickets and 4 popcorns so i called to make sure and it certainly is! thanks for the great post

  5. Yeah they changed it. Earlier it was advertised as only two popcorns per package

  6. no more greatharvest coupon code… ;(


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