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Invisible Coupons- Where to find them!

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Chances are you have coupons in your purse right now and don’t even know it!  That is why I titled this post “Invisible Coupons”.

One of the very first places you should be checking for coupons is the bottom of your receipt.  It doesn’t take any coupon clipping or newspaper subscription, just a quick second of your time to read your receipt.

Most of the time I am sure we check to make sure we were charged the right amount.  I know that is what I do.  But if you go a little lower, chances are, you will see a coupon too!  Most of the time, you just have to fill out a quick survey online to get a completion code.  Then, write the code on the receipt and take it in to your store.  It’s seriously awesome!

Here are a few from my wallet:

Arbys:  Get a Free Roast Beef Sandwich.  All you have to do is fill out the quick survey online.

Victoria’s Secret: $10 off $50 Purchase Coupon.  This one is HUGE!!  That is 20% off.   And we don’t see those very often.  You can use this one in-store, which makes it even better.

So start checking your receipts!  Your wallet will thank you.

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  1. Another one I've kicked myself a few times for not using is the 15% off @JC Penny's. It's on every receipt.

  2. Took my son to Great Clips and on the bottom of our receipt was a coupon for $2.00 off our next hair cut. Pretty decent when little boys cuts are already fairy inexpensive there.


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