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Hogle Zoo: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons

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Last night while at Smiths, I noticed that Coke 2 Liter Products had hang tags for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket to Hogle Zoo!  You just have show the ticket office your 2 Liter UPC and the Hang Tag to get the discount.  And, Smith’s has their 2 Liters right now for $1.00.

Items that had a Hogle Zoo Coupon include:

Bargs Rootbeer

You may find others that are participating as well. 

Now, remember the Cache Valley Cheese Promotion?  You can get a completely Free Ticket to Hogle Zoo when you show the ticket office 4 Cache Valley Cheese or Butter Wrappers. So, we MAY be able to combine the two offers together.  That’s quite possibly 2 Free Tickets to Hogle Zoo!  Awesome!

**Not all Smith’s may have the hang tags, and/or they may disappear quickly now that I have mentioned this.

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  1. well this sounds like a great activity for the weekend thanks!

  2. we just did the Cache Valley Cheese at Megaplex-the first ticket person said they didn't accept them & had never heard of it, but when we pushed and he got a manager, the manager knew exactly what they were. No problem after that. Manager said we were the first he'd seen to use them (District). But just to let others know to ask for Guest Services or a manager if the ticket people don't know–doesn't seem like a lot of people are doing it so they may not say yes the first time.

  3. What exactly is a hang tag? I have never heard of these. Thank you! :)-Melanie

  4. I got one at the smith's in bountiful last sunday. It was one of the only ones with a tag on it even a week ago so they may be gone now.

  5. After seeing this post I rushed to Smiths in Farmington. No hang tags 🙁 I was really looking forward to it since we are planning on going to Hogle Zoo for a family reunion 🙁

  6. Every store will be different depending on how many hang tags they received and how many are left. If your store didnt have one, call around. I know that my store had an entire row of them two days ago.

  7. FYI the hangtags are for buy 1 adult ticket, get a child ticket free. these were at my smith's last week too- haven't been there again so i'm not sure now. I also saw some at the American Fork Target. Also on 2 liters there were some hantags for $15 off at Lagoon (on specified days)

  8. The first Smith's I went to didn't have any and didn't have a clue about it. The secon had a sign up by their canned dr. pepper and it said that there were only specially marked cans that applied(ones with zuri on it) so it is a guessing game as to whether you actually get one. I called the zoo and they said it was only dr. pepper cans too.What location are you finding the hang tag kind? I really wanted to get a few. I have neices coming and they would love to go.

  9. You can also get buy one adult get one child free on cans in the 12 pks of Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper. Plus you can stop by Les Schwab during the summer and pick up the same deal.

  10. I usually buy it 1 adult ticket get a child ticket free.

  11. I spoke with several Coke delivery people and managers this past week. None of them has heard about zoo hang tags on any coke product. They do have BOGO zoo passes in the Dr. Pepper 12-pack of cans, but they are good only for buying one adult pass at the regular price and getting one child in free.


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