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Free Disney Blu Ray DVD On your Birthday!

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I’ve mentioned this before, but I just wanted to give you all a reminder. 

When you sign up for Disney Movie Rewards, it should ask you for your birthday.  Make sure you enter in that information.  If you do, you will be sent an email giving you a completely Free Blu-Ray DVD on your Birthday!  (The picture above is from my email I received yesterday!)

Plus, it will also give you a Bonus 25 Points to add to your account!

I’ve been waiting for this Freebie, because I just love Enchanted and can’t wait to get it for Free!

*You will have to pay $2.95 for the shipping costs.  But, for a FREE Blu-Ray, I think it is worth it!

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  1. how do i know if they have my birthday? I have had the account for a while, but didn't get the bluray email on my birthday??

  2. Mel-You may have signed up for an account before they were asking for Birthday information. They have a customer service number on their website. Call them up and ask them if they can add your birthday to your account. I'm not sure what they would do for that, but would love to know!

  3. does the e-mail come on your birthday or the month of your birthday>?

  4. I got the email on my actual birthday.

  5. We actually don't have a blu-ray player and I thought I might save mine until we did finally get one but changed my mind. Walmart ended up taking it and I got a gift-card to get whatever I wanted, pretty sweet!

  6. I can't find where to add my birthday and I couldn't see a phone number. I sent in an email though.My Birthday is this Friday so i would love to get this taken care of. :0)

  7. Today is my birthday and all they emailed me was 100 bonus points 🙁 I was ready to get 'Enchanted'.

  8. Aimee-Call them up. They may not have had your birthdate in their system when you signed up. Also, check your junk folder. Let me know what they say!

  9. I know they had my birthday because they sent an email on my birthday and said I can get 100 free points because it was my birthday. I did email them to ask about the movie but haven't heard back. Maybe it is just a random offer to some people on their birthdays…bummer 🙁

  10. I didn't get anything at all 🙁

  11. Update…they emailed me back and said the free blu ray disc offer ended as of June 30, now they only do the free 100 points…bummer!

  12. Too bad this ended in June, my birthday is in July! I did get 100 free points though, so that's good!


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