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Smith's Double Coupon Days- Deal list!! Get Ready!

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Smith’s Double Coupon Days starts tomorrow (May 16th) and goes until Tuesday, May 18th. 

This is how it works:

ANY coupon that is worth less than a $1.00 will automatically be changed to a $1.00 off coupon.

Any coupon a $1.00 or more, WILL NOT be doubled at all.

$.25 off = $1.00 Off
$.50 off = $1.00 Off
$.75 off = $1.00 Off

I’ve posted some of my favorite deals from the Double Coupon possibilities.  Amy from Savvy Shopper Deals actually spent over 5 hours putting together an extensive list of matchups for all of us!  So, after you see my list of favorites, head over to the Savvy Shopper Double Coupon list to see more.

Suddenly Pasta Salad $1.00
Use the $.40 off Coupon (It Changes to a $1.00)
Total cost FREE!

Bounty Basic Paper Towel Single Roll $1.09
Use the $.25 off Coupon from the 5-02-10 PG ( It changes to a $1.00)
Total cost $.09!!!

Dawn Hand Renewal $1.49
Use the $.50 off coupon from the 5-02-10 PG ( It changes to a $1.00)
Total cost $.49!

Purchase 4 GM Fiber One Bars $2.00
Use 2 of the the $.50 off Coupon (It changes to a $1.00)
Purchase 2 of the GM Nature Valley Granola Bars
Use 2 of the $.50 off Coupons (It Changes to a $1.00)
You pay $4.00, but you get a $4.00 Catalina Back for purchasing 4 General Mills Items!!
Total cost FREE!

Dial Soap Bars (2 Count) $1.00
Use the $.35 off Coupon from the 3-7-10 RP (It changes to a $1.00)
Total cost FREE!

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  1. Some of those coupons say do not double. So what will happen if we try to use them? Will they still work?

  2. This is so awsome!! I've already got my list made up of a TON of stuff and I don't think my total is more than $20 yet!! Can't wait!! Thanks Melea!

  3. I'm planning on taking the Do Not Double Coupons with me. Last year, they took them. So, it should be the same this year.

  4. I cannot find the nature valley and fiber one coupons. Help?

  5. I can't find the nature valley or fiber one coupons either. Any suggestions?

  6. This may be a silly questions but, if a coupon is $1/2 items will they take a $1 off each item?

  7. I was able to find the Fiber One coupons but was not able to find the Nature's Valley Coupons either.

  8. Kristy can you post the items you are planning on buying and the coupons so we can get some ideas from you? Thank you in advance.Amy

  9. Amy,I went today and got my grocery list of goods!! I looked at Melea's list & her reference to the Savvy shopper list and Utah Deal Diva list. They will give you all the coupon references. I will post my stuff on my blog today just because the list is too extensive for this comment box. It was a blast seeing that total go lower and lower!! The guy behind me was amazed and kept asking me how I knew how to do that!! I purchased 84 items today (all high value, usually high cost items) for $39.01!!

  10. Alright, I'm pretty new to this coupon thing… is there a limit to how many items you can buy and get the like $1 off with just 1 coupon? so like with this deal, I have the birdseye veggie coupon for $.50 off one steamfresh veggie… can I buy 4 and get that off ever one with just the one coupon?

  11. Julia,No, you have to have a coupon for each item. So if you're going to get 4 bags of veggies, you have to have 4 coupons. That's the incentive of getting multiple Sunday papers.

  12. OK, so does the till automatically bump your less than $1 coupons up to a dollar? Or do you have to ask them, or do something to get the double coupon deal?

  13. It should do it automatically. Ask the cashier as she is scanning your coupons just to be sure.

  14. They do automatically bump the amount off to $1. My receipt was so long because for each coupon,say .35, the register took off .65 more cents. The only thing that didn't round to $1 was the 3 musketeers and that's because they were only .50 so there wasn't any overage.

  15. I just got back from Smiths! Even though I missed out on some stuff because I couldn't get there until today (sold out), I still got some good deals! How do we know when they'll do this again? I know there have been a lot of tiny coupons (amount wise) that I never clipped because I didn't think it was worth it. Regret! Do other stores to double days, too? Like Fresh Market, or Dan's, or anyone? Thanks!


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