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REMINDER: Twilight Tickets Tonight at 7:00PM

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A few more things:

  • Be Prepared for this event to sell out in minutes!  Not kidding!
  • You will need to purchase your seats in ONE transaction, if you want to sit together.  I will do my best to get you all together, but I cannot guarantee it.  If you happen to be one of the last groups that get tickets, you may be in smaller groups across the theater.  I promise to do my best to seat everyone together.  But I am manually putting people in seats by first order of seats sold.  But by purchasing tickets, you promise to NOT COMPLAIN.  This is the best way I can do it. 
  • I only have 272 seats. So for the next Twilight Movie, I will try to get more theaters!
  • For this event, there is no limit on seats.  I realize some of you are buying tickets for all of your friends.  For the next event, hopefully we will have more theaters and it won’t be a problem.
  • Be on the Freebies2Deals site at 7:00pm tonight (May 13th).  The post will go live at that time and give you instructions.

Ok, tickets are NOT on sale yet for this event.  But I wanted to give you the low-down!

You guys are going to be so excited!!  I was able to score us the Day Before Premiere Showing!!

The Freebies2Deals Twilight Premiere is set for June 29th at 6:00pm!  So, you will see it before everyone else and you won’t have to go to a midnight showing either!  The only theater we could grab this amazing time is at The Gateway in Downtown Salt Lake City.  So yes, it may be a little drive for some of you, but it is Twilight afterall.

Since many of you will be going out with family or girlfriends, I thought I would try to make this more of a dinner and movie option for all of us.

If you purchased the normal Twilight Tickets at the Theater, they would charge you $9.50.  PLUS, you would have to get online at Midnight on May 14th in order to grab them.  And you would be crossing your fingers hoping you would grab some. Last time, every theater sold out in 15 minutes! 

SO… this is what I have decided I would do.  Your Freebies2Deals Ticket will include:

  • The Day Before Premiere Showing, June 29th at 6:00pm.
  • And, it will also include a $5.00 Credit to use at City Deals.  That way, you can go to dinner before or after the show for a CRAZY discount. For example, go to SkyBox at the Gateway and get a $25 Meal for only $7.50 with the discount!  Since two people can eat for that price, you will only pay $3.75 each for dinner!
  • Plus, I am working with vendors right now to get a TON of Giveaway Items at the event.  I’m working on getting EVERYONE Free stuff!
  • And, I will have over 70 Concessions Gift Cards to give out.  So you can have a treat during the movie.

Cost for the Freebies2Deals Premiere is: $14.00.  That includes everything above.  Plus, it guarantees you a seat before the Real Twilight Tickets even go on sale!

TICKETS FOR THE TWILIGHT FREEBIES2DEALS PREMIERE will go on sale Thursday, May 13th at 7:00pm.  That will give everyone an equal chance to grab them.  They will be on a first come, first serve basis.  The largest theater they had was 272 seats.  So, this will probably sell out in a matter of minutes.

So, talk to your family members, friends and other obsessed Twilight fans.  Then, make sure you are the Freebies2Deals website on Thursday, May 13th at 7:00pm.  A new post at that time will give you details on how to purchase the tickets. More than likely, you will be paying for the seats through Google Checkout.  So, you may want to create an account with them beforehand.

**The tickets will be assigned seats.  However, since Megaplex will not let me use their system to sell the tickets, I will have to arrange the seats manually. Because of this, all seats will be given on a first come, first serve basis.  I promise to do my absolute best with getting everyone to sit by each other… but it may be hard towards the last few seats. By purchasing the tickets, you will need to understand this and not hold me liable for the seats you receive!! Just promise to be nice- or I won’t want to do it again for the next Twilight movie!

**The only way to purchase tickets is with a Credit or Debit Card through Google Checkout. Sorry, no checks or cash this time. 

Hope you are all as excited as I am!! I am working on getting Free Items for all of you at the Premiere!! So it really will be a Freebies2Deals Event!

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  1. This is great and if everyone signs up at the megaplex website you get a free small popcorn!

  2. do you have an age limit set on who can attend? like are you allowing children?

  3. How early will we need to be there for all the giveaways?

  4. Oh my gosh I hope I can get some!!! I do photography and I would love to give away a free session if you're interested. Let me know and I can send you my information and a link to my blog. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Yay Twilight!!!

  5. Wow, you have put A LOT of work into this. Thank you so much for all you've done.

  6. YAY!!! Hopefully my whole crew will be able to get tickets!! SOOOO excited for this!

  7. Kids are not invited. Ill make sure to add that to the ticket info on Thursday.Also, you will want to be in your seat by 5:30 for all of the giveaways…which means you will want to be there by 5 to get your tickets.

  8. Is there going to be a limit for how many tickets you can buy?

  9. That is a good question too. I guess I didnt think people would be that crazy. But I guess people would be. I will figure that out too.

  10. Thanks Melea!!! I really appreciate all the fun events you've been coordinating for us!Jamie Allen

  11. So about the # of tickets people can buy…I have a bunch of friend, family & neighbors and we all are obsessed with your site….we all want to go but want to sit together so we figured the only way to do so was if 1 of us bought all the tickets. So I am supposed to buy like 12 tickets. Is that going to be a problem? I was the only one planning on being on your site at 7 tomorrow.

  12. Do you get the 5 dollar credit for each ticket even if you buy more than one at the same time? Or is it just one credit total no matter how many you buy? Thanks!

  13. Melea thank you so much for doing this this is going to be awsome! I can't wait to see if i get tickets..

  14. Are all the tickets gone? If not I would like one! Thanks!


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