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Reader Triumph at Smiths!

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I wanted to post this for all of you who may just be starting out!!  Anyone can use coupons to get killer deals!  Here is an email I got from a reader yesterday:


Here’s proof I learned something at your coupon conference last night!! lol I headed over to smiths today for the buy 4 get $4 PG promotion going on. Here’s what I got…and I only spend 90 cents!!! WHAT?? $27 worth of cover girl products for 90 cents….I seriously couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much!! Your my new BFF!!!! 🙂 Tiffany

Have you scored an incredible deal lately??  Take a picture of your items and your receipt and email it to me!!  I’ll want to post some of your awesome shopping trips!

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  1. This is awsome! I'm heading to Smith's after work! Do you happen to have any scenarios for us to try with this?

  2. Yes, just check my Smiths weekly post for the deals!

  3. don't you have to apply the $4 instant savings towards NON P&G products or am I misunderstanding that. Because, how did she only spend 90 cents on all this if she had to buy other stuff. I'm confused! help!

  4. yeah, what is the specific scenerio for the Cover Girl products?

  5. The promotion is get $4 off instantly at checkout when you mix and match any 4 participating P&G products using your shopper's card. (The make-up is 25% off this week, which helped sweeten the deal)I purchased what you see above and got $12 off from the promotion and used 2 $2.50/2 coupons and 4 $1/1 coupons.Total out of pocket….90 cents!!

  6. Denise's comment is correct. The $4.00 discount should be applied to non P&G products. Just because the register will take it off of P&G products doesn't mean to abuse it. These are the kinds of things that will eventually make it impossible to use coupons because they are being so abused.

  7. Hey everyone! Im not sure what Smith's idea was on this promotion. But, they have signs on their P&G products all over the store that state purchase 4 and get $4.00 off instantly. However, you could always purchase your Covergirl products, an one item (any choice- something cheap) and still get the $4.00 off.Just a thought. They havent put any restrictions on their registers for the P&G promotion. If another purchase was needed, they would have not let you just purchase the covergirl products and still get the $4.00 off.Just my own thoughts…

  8. I just wanted to let every one know that Smiths in PG has there smiths brand ice cream on sale for .99

  9. I went to Smiths today also. Got 6 Covergirl eye shadows, and two sponge applicator 3 packs. I also used my free mac and cheese coupon. Total cost to me, .43cents. I paid less than tax was total.

  10. If you do not have the makeup coupons could you still get them from somewhere?

  11. I really wish I lived closer to Smith's. I live in the middle of nowhere and can't get these deals.

  12. Just had a question, were 4 of the $2.50/2 Q's used and $1/1 covergirl Q's used? When you have a $$/2 can you use other Q's?


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