Quick Tip about the Summer Coupons!

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So, if you noticed in the Smith’s ad this week, Hot Dogs are only $.38 with coupon.  And, last year I was able to get Hot Dogs from $.19 to Free with coupons all Summer Long.  

I’ve talked about stocking up before.  When you see an incredible price like $.38 for Hot Dogs, stock up!  And, one of the best ways to do this is to think ahead.  Think of the products that you usually use during the summer:  Hot Dogs, Soft Drinks, Pasta Mixes, Deli Meats, Salad Dressings, and so on.

When you see those coupons come up, EVEN IF THEY AREN’T ON SALE YET, print them!  For example, right now, has Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Coupons. They WILL go on sale within the next little bit.  But, many times the coupon is gone when the sale comes out.  If you printed it before the sale, the expiration date is still valid. 

So, by taking a little extra time to print ahead of time, you will save even more money!  I will let you know when coupons come out to print.  But it is up to you to get them printed.  So, when I post about a great deal in a store, you won’t be bummed when I say you had to have printed it previously.

Head over to and print the Oscar Mayer Coupons. Chances are, the coupons will reset later, which means you will get to print two more!

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