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National Consumer Panel: It's Back!! HURRY!

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I have posted about the Nielsen Consumer Panel before.  However, now it is called the National Consumer Panel. 

This is a great thing for stay-at-home moms to earn free rewards. If you are accepted, they will send you a hand held scanner to use while you shop. Every item you decide to purchase, you will quickly scan the items. You can use it at grocery stores, clothing stores and on health and beauty items. Pretty much anything you buy, you scan. Then, once a week, you will connect the scanner to your computer and send the info to NCP. Easy and quick!

For your efforts, you will earn points for name-brand merchandise like electronics, jewelry, household stuff, toys and more!

Plus, if you have kids, this is the PERFECT thing to keep them occupied while you shop! They get really excited about scanning items.

NCP does not accept new applications very often. So you will want to go over here and fill out the questionairre. They have specific requirements and demographics they are looking for.

I am STILL on a waiting list… but I’m waiting patiently because this is something I really want to be a part of!  My day will come.

A lot of you were accepted the last time this offer was available. And most of you have said that is has been a great thing to earn free rewards.  This may be a great fit for you!  So, apply and see if you are accepted.  If you are, you can try it out for yourself and earn a bunch of free things!
** You need to have a PC. If you only have a Mac, the scanner is not compatible.

This offer will NOT say around long.  They will only keep it open until they find the requirements they are looking for!  So you will want to hurry!

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  1. I recieved my scanner and was so excited until I started reading the instructions.. I opted to send mine back.. too much time.. I have 6 very active kids. 5 of them boys.. so we buy a lot of stuff but I don't have time to scan all of it and choose what store it came from and all that is required.. so I was excited when it came but in the end.. too time consuming for me!

  2. It is very time consuming – especially when you shop at a Walmart or a Winco or other stores like that. You have to enter prices on every item you buy, plus tell them if you use coupons and how much the coupons were worth. (Some stores like Smiths and Target for example, you don't have to enter prices.)But I think it's fun, for now. There may be a day when I can't continue.

  3. I have one, and I have been doing it for about two months now. I do think it takes time but it's not too bad if you hurry and do it as soon as you get home while you are putting your grocerys away. I figure I'm getting points that someday might add up to a free ipod!

  4. I'm on the waiting list, but I want to know from those that do this how long it takes to earn stuff or if you get paid with money???

  5. I have the scanner too…and yes, it takes time and sometimes I forget about it. I was a little disappointed with how long it will take to earn enough points to get anything that I actually WANT. You get 150 points every week you send in your stuff and then they randomly have surveys to fill out for extra points-but to get something good it would take years!

  6. I did this program for 2 years. I had 4 kids at the time and did quite a bit of shopping. I moved and had baby #5 in the course of a month and, with the chaos of all that, they canceled our contract because I didn't submit any purchases for a month. After 2 years of using it I hadn't accumulated enough points to get anything of great value and then lost all those points when they terminated me. Yes, if you shop at Walmart and use coupons (at any any store) this it is a big PAIN. Not worth it in my opinion.

  7. I agree with the ladies who say it is way time for what you get for doing it.

  8. I was recently accepted to the program and I only got as far as setting up the scanner before I sent it back. The scanner itself was very picky and took way too much time to get to work. When I looked through the catalog, I noticed it takes a long time to earn enough points for the junk they are giving away. My time is more valuable than that.

  9. I received my scanner yesterday. I am anxious to see if it is worth the time and effort. From waht I read on here it does not seem to be worth it. I only have 1 grown son at home and I work the grave shift so we will have to see.

  10. I just got my scanner last week, and after reading the messages and I bit worried about it. Let's see how it goes.

  11. I saw that you said that if you have a Mac you can't do this. However, I have a Mac and they know that and I just got mine in the mail last week. Not sure if it will really work or not. And from reading the comments, I'm not sure it is worth it. We'll see….

  12. I have been doing it for about a month now and it does not seem to take up too much time, my kids love to help and I seem to be racking up points fast so until it really becomes a problem I might as well earn free stuff!!

  13. I was excited to receive my scanner as well. But like anonymous said, you only get 150 points a week and it has taken me HOURS and HOURS of my time, learning things, then scanning, then entering in amounts and if I have a coupon or if there is a sale for EACH item and the amounts of those for EACH item. Then here are some of the prizes and points: GPX ipod alarm clock radio – 25,000 points, Seiko Mantel Clock – 61,000 points, Desk Globe – 27,000 points, 4 GB flash drive – 22,000 points. So, for my time, I am getting cents an hour if you add up the time it has taken me to input all this info for them. A 4 GB flash drive at would take more than a year to get and it costs 12-15 bucks at Walmart. So if I am ONLY posting to be helpful. Some of this information would not matter to some people, so it may be beneficial for them. I just wish I knew more details before I had signed up.


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