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My BBQ for only $7.88 from Smith's for 10 People!

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My husband’s birthday is coming up.  So we thought it would be fun to get some family members together and have a little last minute BBQ.  So I ran over to the store with my coupons!  Here was what I bought:

2 One Pound Bags of Rold Gold Pretzels– $2.86 after coupons
3 8-Pack Bar S Hot Dogs– $1.14 total after coupons
3 8-Pack Smith’s Hot Dog Buns $2.64 total after coupons
2 Suddenly Pasta Salads– Free (from the Double Coupon Promotion- or grab them now for only $.60 each after coupon)
1 24 Pack Bottled Nestle Pure Life Water– Breaks down to $1.24 per 24 Pack when you follow the deal scenario here.

Total cost for 8-10 People: $7.88!! That equals $.78- $.98 per person for an entire meal! WOW!

To grab all of the deals from the above scenario, go here.

Plus, you can grab the Target Deal on Crystal Light and each person could have their own flavor of Crystal Light put in their water bottles.  The kids would definitely think that was fun!

Obviously, this is a pretty simple BBQ.  But I wanted to show you guys that using coupons to make a meal is doable!

Since most of us already have condiments in our home, grabbing these items for a fun little BBQ is such an affordable way to get friends together and have a great time!

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