Giveaway Winners: Salt Lake Bees Package and Steam Xtreme!

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Remember, if you didn’t win, you can still get the Craziest Deal Ever on Salt Lake Bees Season Tickets.  Head to City Deals, and search for Salt Lake Bees.  Then, click on the option that says $199.50.  Once you click on it, it will say $165.00 for an Family Pack of 8 tickets.  So share them with your friends! It ends up being $20 per person TOTAL for all 50 Games!  Plus, they have the fireworks after some of the games…which is my favorite part!

And, the Winner of the Salt Lake Bees Package is:
David Geiselmayr- gingerpg@_________

If this is you, you need to email me at within 48 hours.  If I don’t hear from you BEFORE Sunday, May 30th at Noon, the prize will be given to someone else!  Congrats!

And, the Steam Xtreme Winner is:
Kristen: jandklarson@_____

If this is you, you need to email me at  within 48 hours. If I don’t hear from you BEFORE Sunday, May 30th at Noon, the prize will be given to someone else! Congrats!

Also, Don’t Forget!  You can grab your own for the BEST price anywhere online!

Here is the info, if you missed it:

So, I wanted to introduce you all to my latest find! It is called the Steam Xtreme! It does everything that the more expensive steam cleaners do, PLUS it also comes with a professional steam iron and window attachment. I tried it out in my kitchen, my bathroom, my base boards… everything and it works seamlessly!

You may wonder why I chose to get a Steam Cleaner instead of using coupons to get my cleaning products. Until someone told me, I had no idea how awesome a steam cleaner was. It cleans at 293 Degrees and COMPLETELY kills germs and bacteria with water! You don’t need to purchase any products to use the Steam Xtreme. So once you purchase the Steam Xtreme, you never have to purchase ANY cleaning product ever again. So, I figured I would be saving money on cleaning products in the long run!

The Steam Xtreme sells for $249. Me being the crazy deal seeker I am just had to ask for a special offer for Freebies2Deals readers, and they obliged! You may have seen other websites offering a special discount, but Freebies2Deals has the EXCLUSIVE and largest discount you will see anywhere! So, I am way excited to share. You can head over to Steam Xtreme and use code freeb2d10. You will get $25 off and Free Shipping! That means you will only pay $224 and get it shipped free! Plus, they have a guarantee on their steam cleaners, so you will always be taken care of!

**Plus, you don’t have to spend $1500 to get a more expensive steam cleaner that does the same exact thing as the Steam Xtreme!

You wanna know the best part about the Steam Xtreme? My husband actually thinks it is a really cool gadget… which makes him excited to actually help me clean!! Crazy right? Who would have thought that all I needed to get some help cleaning was a cool tool??

** All winners on the Freebies2Deals site are chosen by random at


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