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Get Em While you Can!! The ENTIRE Salt Lake Bees Season for $20 per person!

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When you see a offer like this, you think “What is the catch?”  It’s just too crazy… but I’ve verified it and it is legit!  I’m totally excited to grab one!

On City Deals, you can get a Family Pass to every single Bees Game, including the Fireworks Games for only $165.  That $165 is for up to 8 people!  It means that each person ends up being $20 for all 50 Games that are left in the season! 

No, I didn’t make a mistake, it really ends up being $20 per person and you get to go to all 50 Salt Lake Bees games that are left!

I’m sure this one will go fast!  If you normally purchased the 8 season tickets individually, you would pay over $3,000.  So, to get them for only $165 for 8 people is insane! 

Looks like we will all see each other at the Bees Games this Summer!  They even have a Firework game this weekend you could go to!

**Head to City Deals and search for Salt Lake Bees.  It will say $199.50 Gift Certificate, but when you click on it, it will say $165 Family Pass.

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  1. How do I find this? Or are they all gone already?

  2. just search salt lake bees

  3. Just getting three choices of gift certificates. Must have missed this! Drat.

  4. That's fantastic! Thanks Melea!!!

  5. FYI – it is for general admission seats only (meaning you sit on the grass). Supposedly, you can pay the difference between GA and reserved seats but the price ranges from $3-$20 depending on where you sit.

  6. Also, if the deal runs out on City Deals, it would be worth a shot to call the Bees Ticket office. They are having their super sale today through the 29th. They might be able to hook you up with the same rate, if not pretty close. Their box seats are normally $14 and are on sale for just $7 if purchased through the 29th.

  7. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! We have three boys and sitting on the grass is always easier!

  8. click on the 199.50 certificate! when you click for more info you will find the deal! 🙂 great deal!

  9. The coupon states all in the same household. Do we all have to be in the same household?

  10. Mystielou- I have been told that although it states that, you can split it between households or a friend. You just go and pick up your tickets at the box office at the beginning of each home game stretch.


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