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Double Point Tuesday at Subway!

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Today is Double Point Tuesday at Subway!  That means, that you will twice the points added to your Subway Rewards Card.  And, in the future, you can redeem them for Free Six Inch or Footlong Sandwiches.

The points add up fast. So our family has been able to get free food a lot!

**If you don’t have a Subway Card, you can pick one up at Subway when you go.  However, I believe that some of the Southern States do not have Subway Cards.  Just an fyi.

PLUS, don’t forget to sign up your Subway Card to get a Free 6 inch Sandwich!!

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  1. Is this every Tuesday or just random Tuesday's?

  2. They just sent a text this morning. So as far as I know… just today for right now.

  3. Just fyi…they are not doing the text message thing here in Utah for the free sub. I talked to a customer service rep this morning and even though you might get a text back it's not a promotion they are doing in Utah.

  4. Karen-I actually saw the Free Sub text message promotion in a Utah Subway. So, that customer service rep may not know… or they may have decided to pull it out.Definitel frustrating!

  5. Oh wait!!! Actually, it DID work! I did it last week and I did get the points put on my card to equal a free sub! So, you can definitely do it in Utah!

  6. So is the double points for only a certain location? I went today and it did not give me double points.

  7. One important point is that you have to be careful to use the card that you registered. I know I have about ten of the things and I don't even know which one I registered!


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