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CRAZY Coppertone Scenario at Rite Aid!

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Rite Aid has their Coppertone Sunscare Products for $8.99.
Use the $2.00 off in-ad coupon
Plus, use the $3.00 off Video Coupon (you will need to watch the video before you can print it)
Also use ONE of these three coupons:
The $2.00 off Coppertone Coupon that was available previously on
The $1.00 off Coppertone Printable Coupon
The $1.00 off Coppertone Printable Coupon
Total cost as low as $1.99!!! WOW!

(Thanks Mojo Savings)

UPDATE:   This scenario is correct.  I received an email from Rite Aid Corporate saying letting us know!

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  1. Rite Aid wouldn't let me use the in-ad coupon along with the video values coupon saying they were both "Rite Aid manufacturing coupons".

  2. this is the abuse I talk about all of the time…I have been couponing for 20+ yrs and it is ONE manufacturer coupon PER ITEM an can be used with ONE store coupon

  3. Plowlady-I appreciate your comment. However, you need to check the Rite Aid Coupon Policy. Most stores should follow it. It specifically states "Only one manufacturer coupon is accepted for each product, unless coupled with another manufacturer coupon found in a Rite Aid circular." That means we can use the Rite Aid in-ad coupon (manufacturer), the regular Manufacturer's coupon AND, the Video Values coupon all on one item.To see a copy of the Rite Aid Policy they sent my friend, Deal Seeking Mom, Go here:

  4. I went to 2 Rite Aids and was denied using the in-ad coupon along with the Video Value Coupon. The Video Value Coupon is considered to be the same as an in-ad coupon. I agree that the policy clearly says that you can "couple" in-ad MQ & another MQ, but it doesn't say you can "triple" use an in-ad MQ, VV MQ & another MQ. Being that the word couple is used, it seems pretty clear that only 2 coupons are being referred to in the site. I really appreciate your site, but I have to agree that you are encouraging abuse. Now, if a manager wants to go against Rite Aid's corporate policy and honor all Q's then I guess that's up to him, but you and I both know couponers aren't going to their stores to ask permission, but rather see what they can get the cashier to slip through the system. If you feel so strongly that we are all wrong, and this is not abuse I would love to see a quoted statement made from Rite Aid Corporate offices on your site that says the Video Values Q, the In-ad Q & the Manufacture's Q may all be used on 1 product.

  5. It is definitely not my intention to encourage any type of abuse. And I feel like I do all that I can to make sure that policies are followed correctly and I don't lead you all astray. With that said, I will contact corporate. If I have made a mistake about using all 3 coupons on one item, then I sincerely apologize. I will find out for sure, so we know on future scenarios. Thanks everyone for bringing this to my attention!

  6. I just have to say that I have NEVER felt like you encourage abuse, like these other people have stated. I have seen many other online "deal" forums that try every slick way of getting a good deal, but you have always been responsible in applying the coupons and sales together. If there was a mistake with applying the coupons in this particular instance, I know it was unintentional, and I think most everyone else who reads and loves your site agrees with me. 🙂

  7. Melea, I went today and was able to get this deal, there was no questions asked what so ever, in fact I had the manager as my cashier, and I had to ask what coupons I needed to give her and she told me all of them, so I was able to get this deal. I appreciate all your help in finding such great deals!

  8. I agree with Tara 100%!

  9. Holy Cow Ladies, relax. If you think she's so awful, quit checking her site. Melea, I think you have always been honest and helpful. You have no need to defend yourself. There will always be a few self-righteous grouchies out there. Unfortunately, they tend to be the kind who make a lot of comments.

  10. plowlady and mommy in zion….i don't know where you earned your coupon abuse degrees…but apparently you need a little lesson yourself….its called chillaxing…it means take a chill pill and relax…i think we all agree…melea does a damn good job…and if you don't degree…go start your own damn website.

  11. Melea,Well I have to eat my humble pie after calling Rite Aid myself. I'm not sure if everyone will the same response, you know even customer service reps vary, but the rep I spoke to said this…"You may use the Video Values, In-ad & MQ on the Coppertone as long as the price doesn't go below zero."I've never understood the price adjusting part of the coupon policy. I regularly shop at 7 Rite Aid's in Salt Lake and 2 in Utah County (Yeah, I'm a bit addicted to FREE!!), and only 1 of 9 stores, won't give me the overage on Q's. Personally, I think it's rude of stores that want to keep the overage for themselves.By the way, I never said Melea doesn't do a great job, she does and I appreciate her site very much, I just wanted to make sure accurate information was being spread. No one wants to lose deals because things get out of control!!

  12. Has anyone had any luck? I really want this deal, but I can't find a Rite Aid that will accept it!


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