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Wheaties Fuel Cereal MONEYMAKER at Smith's unil May 25!

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So I mentioned this a few days ago, but at that time, we weren’t sure how long the price for Wheaties Fuel Cereal will last.  Well, Lesley over at OneCheapChick has confirmed that the price is still $1.99 and should be for a few weeks!  So here is how you can score this awesome deal:

Purchase 4 boxes of Wheaties Fuel Cereal at $1.99 each
Use 2 of the $.75 off Coupons
Plus, use 2 of the $1.00 off Coupons
Plus, load the $.75 off Shortcuts Coupon onto your Smith’s Card (will only come off once)
Plus, load the $.75 off Smith’s eCoupon onto your Smith’s Card (will only come off once)
You will pay $2.96, but you will get a $4.00 Catalina Back at checkout!
Total cost FREE plus $1.04 MoneyMaker!(You must buy 4 boxes to get the Catalina!)

Seriously an incredible deal on Cereal!

By the way, since Smith’s is a Kroger owned store, this deal should be working at Kroger stores too!  Let us know!

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  1. is the catalina 4$ off your next purchase even if you don't buy fuel cereal again or is it 4$ off your next fuel cereal purchase?

  2. I went to try this at my local Smith's today and they told me their new policy is to only accept 2 coupons for each kind of item, not per item purchased- but for the type of item bought. What? I argued that I had never heard of such a thing before at any store, but left the store empty handed when they wouldn't back down. Anybody else had this problem? I am going to try another location and see if that will work.

  3. It doesn't have to be used on cereal, it can be used towards anything except liquor or tobacco products.Catalinas are good for your 'next shopping order' i.e., the next time you shop. Can that be the same day, just going to another register or getting in back of the line? Usually yes.

  4. I had my first successful couponing experience last night at Kroger with the Wheeties deal. I could have gotten off better today I guess, but I am still really happy with how amazing this deal turned out to be. Funny thing is, I'd never tried the cereal before and neither had my hub, so I was hoping it was good! I bought 12 boxes! I was so anxious about it I made him try a bowl when I got home around 11:30 last night. Thankfully, he loved it!

  5. I tried to add both coupons to my card and it said it was already attached, so the second site wouldn't add it. Anyone else had this problem? Can you only add it once no matter the site?

  6. I could only get one of the eltronic coupons to work also. I tried to go back a different day but it didn't work either. Still a great deal though!


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