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Smith's Money Maker on Betty Crocker Potatoes!!

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We have had so many great Money Maker Scenarios this week!  I love it!

Right now, Smith’s has a Catalina on their Betty Crocker Potatoes:

Buy 1 and get a $.50 Catalina
Buy 2 and get a $1.50 Catalina
Buy 3 or more and get a $3.00 Catalina

Plus, you can go to and grab two $.40 off Coupons. (They were on the last page for me)

Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Betty Crocker Potatoes POUCHES for $.99 each **Make sure you have your Smith’s Rewards Card scanned first.
Use 2 $.40 off Betty Crocker Coupons
Use 1 $.40 off Betty Crocker Coupon (You will need to register or sign in)
Add the $.40 off Betty Crocker CellFire Coupon to your Smith’s Rewards Card (it will only take it off once)
Add the $.40 Shortcuts Bettery Crocker Coupon to your Smith’s Rewards Card (it will only take it off once)
Pay $.97 for 3 Boxes and get a $3.00 Catalina to use on your next purchase at Smith’s!
It’s a $2.03 Money Maker!! WOW! 

**Catalina expires 4/18! 

You can buy the Boxes as well, but they are more than $.99.  You will still get the Catalina for them.

(Thanks for the heads up Tiffany!!!)

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  1. Melea, I realize that shortcuts and cellfire are hit and miss coupons. But do you have any suggestions that would help me actually be able to use them. I have never had one work!

  2. Have you ever tried this yourself? This doesn't work a lot of the time for me. They usually reject either the printed coupon or the one on the shopper card.

  3. I havent made it to Smiths today. But I dont usually have a problem and doing these transactions and I have had other readers say it worked for them.If the Cellfire and Shortcut coupons dont come off, just contact them directly. They will give you a credit directly on your shoppers card for the next time you shop. Just have your receipt info.

  4. I did this deal yesterday at Smith's in Lehi and all the coupons worked! For shortcuts, you can go to their website and very likely get credited the value of a coupon that didn't redeem when it should have. Just login, click on Help tab, then Coupon Redemption topic, then My coupons didn't redeem when I shopped sub-topic. Have your receipt with you to answer a few quick questions and then you'll be able to check off the coupon that was missed. I did this once and immediately after I submitted I got an email from shortcuts stating,"We've applied a total of $0.50 in Shortcuts Cash to your Wallet, in place of the coupon(s) you were not able to redeem correctly. The next time you spend more than $0.50, just swipe your registered grocery store card and the savings will automatically appear on your receipt!" And it really did come off my next shopping trip's bill.

  5. Just a warning. not all states carry the POUCHES, here in Vegas Smith's ONLY carries the boxes. I did do the deal yesterday with boxes and all coupons worked! Although this was not a moneymaker, I got all 3 boxes for $1 with Catalina.

  6. I went to Smith's today and all coupons worked for me. I actually got a better deal because the pouches were 84 cents not 99 cents so I ended up paying 60 cents and getting the $3 Catalina. Sweet deal! Thanks. 🙂

  7. Yep, my pouches were 84 cents too. along with the coupons AWESOME DEAL. And to think they PAID US to shop. love it!


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