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Kohl’s always offers new coupons each week.  And, I always post about them on the site.  A lot of times it is for a an extra percentage off of clearanced items, or maybe it is a killer deal on jeans.  In any case, Kohl’s never stops putting out coupons.  With that in mind, I am going to purchase a Kohl’s Gift Card from CityDeals right now.  I can grab a $25 Gift Card to Kohl’s for only $21.25 with promo code springcleaning.  Plus, they will send me a $2.50 credit to use in the future.  That means I will get a $25 Gift Card for only $18.75!

Since they mail the Gift Card to me, I want to have it ahead of time.  That way when the Kohl’s deals come along for $8 Jeans, or an extra 30% off, I can get an even better deal!  With an extra 30% off code, you would be able to get $35 worth of items from Kohl’s for only $18.75! 

So, plan ahead and grab one or two.  Plus, if you were one of the lucky ones who got a $10 off your order card in the mail, you can get $25 Worth of Kohl’s items for only $8.75! 

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  1. How exactly does this work with a 30% off coupon? In my experience you can only use those coupons in conjunction with your "kohls card" (which I have and love!) If you are using a gift card the discount coupons don't work. Is there a way to get both the deal and use the gift card?

  2. Tammy-A gift card is just like cash. So you should be able to use it with any coupon. I always have been able to.-Melea


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