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Kmart Double Days Start NOW!

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that Kmart was going to have a Double Coupon Week.  Kmart Corporate even verified that Utah Locations will be participating.  However, please, please, please CALL AHEAD before you go.  In the past, Kmart locations in Utah have decided to not participate after we were already told they were!  Right now, Kmart is not my favorite store.  And, I will be REALLY surprised if we don’t have any problems with the Double Coupon Days.

Do you live outside of Utah, or just want to see if your store is participating??  Go here to see the list Kmart put out!

But, if for some strange reason Kmart actually pulls this off, then here is what to expect:

1- Kmart Double Coupon Promotion goes from today until 4/10.  Coupons will be doubled up to $2.00.  So, if you have a $1.50 off Coupon, it will automatically become $3.00!  If you have a $2.00 coupon, it will automatically become $4.00.  But if your coupon is for anything higher than $2.00, it WILL NOT double.

2- You MUST have a Shop Your Way Rewards Card in order to participate in the Double Coupon Promotion.  You can get one online and print out a temporary card until yours arrives in the mail.  Or, you can get one at Customer Service at Kmart when you go in.

3- You can only double 5 coupons per day!  And, the first 5 coupons you hand to the cashier will double.  Any coupons used after those 5 WILL NOT double.

4- You will need to have the cashier scan your Shop Your Way Rewards Card at the very beginning of your transaction or the double coupons will not work!

5- Kmart coupons will not be doubled.

As you can probably guess, there are a TON of possible scenarios we could whip up!  Up to $4.00 off each item is a huge discount.  I won’t be able to do them as I am on vacation at Disneyland.  But, feel free to leave comments letting others know what deal scenarios you came up with on your own.  If we all work together, we could build a pretty hefty list!

**Good Luck everyone!  I really hope Kmart Redeems themselves from the last fiasco!  If you find out that your Kmart is not participating, comment and let us know too!

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  1. Woohoo! I have changed my plans for tomorrow morning! I want to try this double coupon day at K-mart. It looks like Utah's K-marts are participating! Here are the ones on the list: Orem, Provo, 2 in SLC, Spanish Fork, Layton, Kearns, W. Jordan, and Draper! So I have printed out my membership card. Does it register that I've already shopped that day to double coupons? Or can I go store hopping? I like to push the limits when possible!!!Happy Shopping everyone!Christy

  2. I just called the Logan, UT store and they confirmed the ARE participating.

  3. Orem is participating (I was shocked!) Although, I didn't find any super great deals. Their prices seem to be really high for most stuff and there wasn't anything on sale that I also had coupons for. I did get some Quaker True Delights Quakes for 50 cents and used a $2 off Pampers coupon to get Pampers for $5.99. Also, you can get Kellogg's Mini Wheats for $1 a box with the $1.50 off 2 boxes printable coupon.

  4. I found some great deals, Tampax Perals for $.59 a box, Gillete mens body wash free, Jergens lotion for $1.00. I got $20.00 worth of stuff for $3.95.

  5. TOYS TOYS TOYS,The Mr and Mrs Potato head were $7.05 at my Kmart (everywhere else I have looked they were $6.99) SO with the $2 off printable from a little while ago it made them $3.05 each. Also the chuck and friends mini fleet were $8.99 they were about $10.49 at target so with the $3 off coupon (does not double) they are $5.99 each, not too bad considering if I got them at target they would be $7.49. Also I got the gillette body wash for FREE, and they had some of the everpure shampoo in the wrong spot but honored it and gave them to me at $4.50 each so with the $2 off coupons they were .50 cents each for an item that normally sells for $9 (at kmart anyways) 🙂 Hope everyone else found some good stuff too. They just gave me the saving card, didn't even take my info. They were all too concerned about when so and so would be back from lunch.

  6. I went today and LOVED the stuff I got. I will be back tomorrow and the rest of the week to get more! Hopefully they will continue to stock up the rest of the week.Check out my blog for more matchups from today and the rest of the week!

  7. Here's some links to some Kmart matchups. They are based in Idaho, so some of the prices are a little different. I did have luck, yesterday with the dove deodorant, halls, and stayfree. They were all free for me.

  8. I can't even tell you all the stuff I have been getting for free! My hubby and I each got a card so we could use 10 coupons a day! I have seriously loaded my food storage with non perishables…razors, deodorant, body washes, windex etc! The store ran out of stuff before I ran outta coupons 🙁 Thanks goodness something finally worked at a Kmart…but I am still a little bitter about the 10 dollars off 20 coupon they are calling a fraud. I think they should have just had to eat that but oh well! Great, awesome deals here this week! You just have to really search through those coupons!

  9. This double coupon event worked GREAT for me. I got a card for myself, my husband, and my daughter. Was able to use 15 coupons a day and only went 2 different days cause we live 30 miles away from Kmart. The bill for all 30 items that I purchased in those 2 days would have been $131.32 and after the 30 coupons I used I only paid $32.71. Awesome! There were quite a few shelves that were bare or I could have went another day and used 15 more that I had, but I was pleased with what I got. My most exciting was 4 bottles of John Frieda shampoo/conditioner for $1 a bottle. They had them on sale for buy one get 1 1/2 off and then I used the $2 coupons from the paper a few weeks ago. SUPER DEAL! Wish this would happen more often at other stores.


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