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Kids N Pets: Get a Free Sample and My review on it!

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A while ago, I mentioned that you can get a Free Bottle of Kids N Pets Stain Remover.  Just head over to their Facebook Page to request it.

Well, I am really excited about this product.  It seems to get out EVERYTHING.  Even the stains that other cleaners can’t get out!  My daughter is just starting to get into that “Get into Everything Phase”.  Just this morning she broke off my door stopper.  And, now I just know that a liquid distaster is next.  It gives me peace of mind that I have a cleaner that gets out every type of stain.

Just to give you an idea:  Kids N Pets gets out Urine, Dirt, Food, Vomit, Skunk, Grass, Mold, Coffee, Fish, Oil, Grease, Red Wine and other beverages, Blood and Gasoline.  It will even take the smell away!

So, if you haven’t signed up to get your Free Bottle, head over to Kids N Pets and request your Rebate.  Then, you can purchase your bottle and get a complete refund back!  Awesome!

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  1. Where can you buy this stuff?

  2. Wal-Mart should have it.

  3. I've looked everywhere and can't find it, including Walmart! I would love to try it, but can't find it!

  4. Colleen-Check their Facebook page under the Questions Tab. They will give you instructions to find their product. They have a number to call or a way for you to give them your zipcode so they can tell you.

  5. I bought it at Target in American Fork, UT. They had several bottles of it.


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