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Get 2 CASES (20 Reams) of paper for as low as $1.44! HURRY!

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Deal is dead.

This is an INCREDIBLE deal on paper.  And since we print so many coupons, it is great to stock up on a fabulous price.  That way, we will never pay full price for paper.  This deal is valid 4/18-4/24.  However, I don’t know how long the promo code is valid.  So you will want to grab it while you still can:

  1. Go to Staples
  2. Put “122374-QJ” in the SKU Search Box.  And add 2 to your cart. Your total will be $49.98.
  3. **Add a filler item to make your total over $50 to get free shipping.  They have erasers for only $.79. 
  4. When checking out, use code 47617 to take $10 off your total. 
  5. You will pay $39.98.
  6. Then, submit for two of the $16 Rebates. They will be given back to you in the form of a Pre-Paid Visa Card. You will get back $32. 
  7. Total cost $7.98!! WOW!

If you want an even crazier deal, start by going to Shop At Home.  You will want to sign up or sign in. Search for Staples on their site and click on the link to be redirected. Then, continue with Number 2 above.

After you complete your order, Shop At Home will give you $1.54 Cash Back within 7-10 days.  It will show up on your Shop At Home account.  If you have never used Shop At Home before, you will also get a $5.00 Bonus Cash Back!  Your total cost for 2 Cases of Paper could be $1.44!!  Seriously Insane!!

(Thanks Penny Pinchin Mom)

**Just so you all know— when you submit for your rebate, you only need to submit it one time.  The system will recognize that you have a duplicate rebate to submit for and will automatically update your account.  So, just submit your Rebate once and you are good to go!

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  1. How do you submit for 2 of the $16 rebates? I bought 2 but when I submitted it, it doesn't show 2 rebates coming so I tried submitting again and it says I already did it. Will both be coming? thanks for any info.

  2. I just tried this.. and it said the promotional price no longer did they already remove it in one day?

  3. Mary- I just tried it again and the code worked. The code is: 47617. Marshall's-You will only need to enter your Rebate Offer Number once. It says it will compute that you have two for you! So, you should be good!Melea

  4. Thanks, just did mine! Also, when submitting your rebate, you have the option to get a paper check! That's what I chose so I don't have to deal with the Visa cards!I placed my order and submitted for my rebates in less than 5 minutes! I love the Staples easy rebates :).

  5. Thanks Melea.

  6. Such an awesome deal! Thank you so much!

  7. Definitely still works…this site rocks! 🙂

  8. Alright, it worked for me this time when I copied and pasted the exact code you had written in your blog- then it worked for some reason. Thanks!

  9. awesome. thank you!! my total was $43 something, not $39 though. wonder why?

  10. So… I've never done the Shop at Home. What do I need to do to get a bonus $5 back???

  11. Jill, mine was $43 because of tax.I used the Shop At Home option and it's my first time, but I didn't see anything about an extra $5.

  12. And if you put in your Staples rewards number, you also get 10% back in Staples rewards, I believe. So possibly an extra $5.00 back in Staples rewards? Smokin' deal! If you have Staples rewards checks for recycling ink cartidges or other purchases, you can use them online- I didnt realize that until today, so I used a $3.00 staples rewards check to make my deal even better- thanks for all your footwork Melea!

  13. I just did it and there were not 2 $16.00 rebates, but there was one 16.00 and one 12.00 rebate-and I submitted for both and got both-2 separate email confirmations. Still a great deal!

  14. Thanks a ton – Will cost $12.00 for the 2 cases and a roll of tape after the rebates, taxes, etc… Well and then minus whatever i get from shop at home. Either way – Even $12 for 2 cases is an amazing deal – I just paid $4 for a ream of 400 sheets the other day because I was out of paper and needed to print more coupons – so to get a case for about the same price as 400 sheets is great – thanks a ton!!!!

  15. Staples ended this early because of supply issues. No raincheck. They should list limited supply or something. Thursday night and Friday it showed out of stock and Saturday in stock but they are not honoring the price even though it ends at midnight. BAD business, BAD customer service.


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