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Easy Way to get Free Movie Tickets, Music Downloads or Ringtones from Smith's!

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If you can’t tell, I love the Free Movie Ticket Deals.  And it seems like every company is jumping on the band wagon!  My husband and I love going to movies, but it is hard to get a discount on them.  So, getting a completely Free Movie Ticket is the best thing!

Smith’s has a new promotion called the Free Digital Choice Reward.  All you have to do is purchase 10 items in one transaction from this list. (And yes, you can use coupons!)

After you checkout, a Catalina will print out with a special code.  It looks like this:

Then, just go to Digital Choice Rewards and enter in your code.  You can choose to redeem the code for 15 Free Music Downloads, 15 Free Ringtones or a Free Movie Ticket! And, every time you purchase 10 participating items on the list, you will get another Digital Choice Reward Catalina.  So you could end up getting a ton of Free Movie Tickets, Ringtones or Music Downloads! (Thanks One Cheap Chick!)

**Just to be safe, I would print out a copy of the Shopping List.  That way, if your Catalina doesn’t print out for some strange reason, you can show the cashier and/or manager that you bought everything correctly on the list. Just MAKE SURE the cashier scans your Smiths Reward Card before your transaction!

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  1. Smiths has Skippy on sale this week as part of their case lot sale for $1.30 each. You can buy them at this price individually which isn't usually the case with Smiths. There's a $.75/2 coupon in the RP 3/28, making them $.93 each, a pretty good price. But when you buy 10 and scan your Fresh Values card a credit prints for either a FREE movie ticket, 15 ringtones, or 15 music downloads! Sweet! Even without the coupon, you'd get 10 things of peanut butter and a free movie ticket for $13.Just make sure you buy the peanut butter individually and not as a case or the credit won't print- it counts the case as 1 item.


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