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Baby Swap at Disneyland!

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I totally forgot to talk about this in my videos!  But it is great if you have babies or kids that are too small to ride the bigger rides.

Disneyland has something called the Baby Swap.  Just go up to the Disney worker in the Fast Pass line and tell them you would like a Baby Swap pass for your child. They will hand you a special piece of paper.

Whomever is staying with the baby will wait outside the line.  The rest of your group will go through the Regular line (although if they had fast passes beforehand, they can use those and go through the Fast Pass Line).  Once they get out of the line, you can switch.  You and one more person can take the Baby Swap Pass to the Fast Pass Line and go right in, while someone else watches the baby or child.

It is really cool and we did it a few times while we were there.  And usually the fast pass lines are only about 10-15 minute waits.  So it goes by really fast and it is a great way for everyone in the family to ride the rides, when you have smaller kids.

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  1. Thanks for the advice Melea! We are leaving Tuesday for Disneyland and I have really enjoyed your info! I cant wait, this is going to be a GREAT trip and super Cheap too!Thanks!

  2. An added TIP—If you get Fastpasses for the WHOLE gang, even little ones, then when you swap the baby, you can use the extra fastpass(es) for more riders. In our case that leaves only one person off the ride at a time with the baby.

  3. Another thing that many people don't realize is that they have a baby room there. It is great! Padded diaper changing tables, an area to nurse a baby, baby food can be purchased there, a tiny toilet for little kiddos, a place to wash out cloth diapers, cute ladies are there to help you out. It was a great resource and many people don't even know it is there!


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