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Update on my DisneyLand Vacation: Saving Money on your Meals

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So, our family recently decided to go to Disneyland.  And I thought this would be a perfect time to mention some great ways to save on planning your vacations.  If you missed the first basic post on How to Find the Best Travel Deals, read it here.

The most important thing to remember is that you can ALWAYS save money when you go on vacations.  It just takes a little planning.  I will continue to post things to the Travel section on my blog.  So check there for anything Travel related.

I had many of you email me and let me know you were going to Disneyland too!  I am not anything close to a Disneyland Guru– I haven’t been there in years.  But, there are a few bloggers out there that are.  If you are planning a Disneyland or Disney World Trip, you will want to check out MouseSavers and Disneyland Vacation Tips.  They have some great tips!  Plus CouponingtoDisney is a Disney Fanatic too!

Saving Money on your Meals

Yes, I love saving money and I don’t ever want to pay full price for anything.  But I do also like to splurge every once and while.  When you are always saving money and being careful with what you spend, it is nice to indulge a little bit and be able to spend a little more than you usually would.  With that being said, I personally love to eat out when I go on vacation.  It is nice to not have to worry about preparing meals and shopping for the food.  And, if you plan it right, you can find coupons to use on your meals too.

Many readers commented on how they get a hotel room with a small kitchen so they can use a Crock Pot.  That is a great idea and definitely a perfect way to save money on meals!

I have done a little research for those of you going to Disneyland.  Here are a list of nearby restaurants to Disneyland that have coupons available for you to use on your meal!

  • Rainforest Cafe– Downtown Disney-  $5 off $20 in the Entertainment Book
  • Bucca Di Beppo– 2 Miles away from Disneyland- $10 off a $20 Meal in the Entertainment Book or you can use this printable $10 off $20 Coupon
  • Mimi’s Cafe– Less than a mile away- Free Breakfast Entree
  • Jamba Juice– Downtown Disney- They hand out coupons all of the time on their site.
  • La Brea Bakery– Downtown Disney- 20% off Coupon
  • McDonald’s– Right across the street from Disneyland- 10% off coupon
  • Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen– Downtown Disney- Free order of Beignets
  • Denny’s– Right across the street from Disneyland- Sign up for the Denny’s Breakfast Club and you will get a 20% off coupon emailed to you in a few days.  (make sure you use zipcode 92802-Do this right before you leave or the coupon will expire before you can use it.)

Another great place to go is the Anaheim Gardenwalk Mall.  It is within close walking distance from Disneyland. There are 46 stores and restaurants there that you can choose from!  Here are a few that have discounts:

I just bought another Entertainment Book, this time for the Orange County Area.  I used zipcode 92802.  You can still get $7.00 cash back from ShopAtHome by purchasing the Entertainment Book.  Plus, if you have never made a purchase through ShopAtHome before, you can get a $5.00 bonus.  Right now the books are 50% off.  So only $20.  With your $7 Cash Back and the $5.00 Bonus, you will only pay $8.00!!  Plus shipping is free. You will definitely save more than that using the coupons inside it while you are on vacation.

***If you are going somewhere else for vacation, you can actually go through ShopAtHome and check out what deals are inside the Entertainment Book before you buy it.  That way, you will know whether or not you can get a lot of discounts for dining or activities in your area!

I realize not everyone is going to Disneyland and will be able to use these coupons. But I wanted to show you that it is very possible to save money on your meals while on vacation! It just takes a little effort on your part. I compiled this list within 1 hour. You can definitely do this too for wherever you are going!!

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  1. We just returned from Disneyland and had a great trip. We always stay at Homewood Suites. In addition to having a kitchen in the room, they also have a daily hot breakfast buffet. Plus, Mon-Thurs they serve dinner. We just shuttle back to the hotel for dinner, then right back to Disney. This is a huge cost saver.

  2. Check out We went to Seattle and saved a lot of money on attractions. After we went, I found out you can buy Citypass at Costco for a even better deal. They have passes for SoCal, NY, San Fran, and other major cities.

  3. We go to Disneyland almost once a year. We love eating at the Blue Bayou, but we do it during lunch when the prices are better. Also some of the restaurants have a "take out" type version of the full service restaurant. The food is just as good at half the price!

  4. When we went last fall, we bought some of the gift certificates off of Just put in the zip code of the hotel you are staying at, and look around. We only chose the places that were chains, because I am very picky, but it can save you a bundle!!!

  5. so i think you should enter the contest that my friend jylare is doing for a free mini photo shoot! for your disneyland vacation. and i think you should blog about it too… 🙂 here is her link! thank you so much for your blog… i LOVE it! 🙂

  6. We just returned form a Disneyland trip. We like to save money by packing in sandwiches for one meal and then we buy dinner or lunch. My husband and I often share a meal, either with each other, or with one of our older kids. We also eat breakfast at the hotel (ie. cereal or muffins) before we go over to the park. One night my husband went to the local Costco (only 3 miles south) and brought a pizza back to the hotel. $10 dinner for our family of 6! Also bring your own water bottles, and some snacks.

  7. Thanks Malia!! This helps so much!! I am getting way excited for our trip next week!!! My Entertainment Book is on its way. And I'll be printing off more coupons online! I love your website! Thanks for all you do!

  8. Wow! Thanks for the helpful idea. Hoping to see fresh posts.


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