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The Final Word from Cowabunga Bay!

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Ok, this is the FINAL WORD from Cowabunga!  I know how confused everyone is and I really am sorry for the confusion.  I know many of you that contacted Cowabunga were told differently too.

The General Manager at Cowabunga contacted me today to let everyone know that 3 year olds DO have to pay for a ticket.  So, if you grabbed season passes for everyone in your family but your 3 year old, you will want to! 

Get your Season’s Passes at CityDeals.  Enter code Waterpark to get an additional 10% off. 

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  1. So, if we got an email directly from the park saying we "do not need to buy a pass for our 3-year-old," does this trump that? I'm sorry, that is just not right. I am not going to give my money to them this summer if that is how they are going to treat customers.

  2. I know it is definitely frustrating! Feel free to complain to the manager at Cowabunga. They do need to make sure they are all on the same page. They can't all be saying different things. And if you were told that,in writing, they should adhere to it.

  3. I bet if she has the e-mail that says she doesn't have to pay for her 3 yr old then they would honor that. We got season passes last year and I plan on getting them again- it was such a fun thing to do all summer. ~Tami, Draper Ut.

  4. Melea, do you think City Deals will be doing a deal for just a day pass? We live about 70 miles away and would love to go for one day, but a season pass wouldn't be worth it. Would love to get a deal on a day pass though.

  5. This is a better deal than we paid last summer, but i'm pretty sure you do have to pay for 3yr olds- we did last year. Who said you didn't have to?Anyway- just got my passes with this offer. Thanks for the code Melea!


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