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The Best Deal I have EVER Seen from Flirty Aprons!

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Update:  This offer has been extended until March 4th at Midnight, due to high demand!  So, you still have time to get his crazy discount!

My last giveaway on the site was for a Flirty Apron.  It was such a fun giveaway and there were tons of you who wanted one.  When I did the giveaway, they weren’t having a very good deal at the moment.  But, they have just offered me a special code for my readers!  And… this is the BEST promo code I have ever seen so I’m really excited!

Right now, you can get 30% off your purchase at Flirty Aprons.  Just use code 30Coupon when you checkout. On average, the aprons sell for $24.95.  30% off is $7.50!  You would only pay $17.49! 
And since you can get multiple aprons at 30% off, I would get them now.  I doubt we will see another offer like this anytime in the near future.

I’m really excited for you guys.  Normally the best they do discount wise is 12% off. 

The promo code ends Feb 28th. So you only have a few days to take advantage of the offer! 

***Remember that they have children’s aprons too!  They are so adorable. I wish my 7 month old could wear one right now.  But I will definitely get one as soon as it fits!

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  1. If you put in "FREESHIP" you can get free shipping, but you can't use it with the coupon you listed :[ dangit!

  2. I looked for the Scalloped Cherry and only saw $24.99 as the lowest price (discounted). Any thoughts on that?

  3. Debbie-Did you look under the Sale tab? That is where I saw it earlier.

  4. Go to the easter sale on the home page

  5. The red cherry scalloped apron is now 26.95 i beleive. They had to change the price because of the high demand. But it is really a great deal these aprons are amazing. I actually love making aprons but with this code it is cheapr to buy them then to make them. Since it is high quality fabric. (fabric is expensive) Anyway just thought i would let you know. Thanks for the great find and other deals.

  6. wouldn't be cheaper just to make them yourselves???? $18 for an apron seems a bit step. Then again…this is my opinion.

  7. sorry steep.

  8. Well i guess you can make your own then, as for me i am with the other comment It is a good deal and i don't have time to make anything so i took advantage of this good sale. Melea you rock.


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