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RC Willey: The Princess and the Frog Blu-Ray Money Maker!

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Wow, I am starting to get really sick of posting all of these incredible deals for The Princess and the Frog Blu-ray!!

If you live by an RC Willey, TODAY ONLY, you can get The Princess and The Frog Blu-Ray/DVD Combo for only $14.95!  And, you can grab the regular DVD for only $8.95!  Are you kidding?  That is WITHOUT rebates or coupons!

They won’t take Manufacturer coupons, so you can’t use the awesome Disney Coupons on this.  But, you can still do 2 of the 3 available rebates!  To see the rebate information go here and here.

Best bet?? 
Buy the regular DVD for $8.95 and then do two rebates for a total of $10 Back.  It ends up being a $1.05 Money Maker!! 

Or, you can get the Blu-Ray version, submit the two rebates and end up getting it for $4.95!  WOW!

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  1. Do you think Walmart would do a price match and then allow you to use the coupon?

  2. Hannah-I would totally try!!!! What do you have to lose?? Just print out the picture from their website.

  3. I just printed out that picture from their website…now I am hoping I can track down a bluray copy….saratoga springs was completely sold out yesterday!

  4. just got back from walmart! they will pricematch, but the bluray is just for the single bluray…not the combo pack! bummer!

  5. I called the Walmart in my area and they said they don't price match RC Willey. So can we get the rebates without having bought the movie on the same reciept?

  6. Yes, you don't have to buy the rebate products and the dvd together. Just send the originals of your products and copies of the receipt for the dvd.

  7. I just got back from the Springville walmart – they price-matched the RC willey ad and I used the coupon so I got the Princess & the Frog DVD for $4.95!

  8. I price matched and used the coupon at my wal-mart. I got the Blu-ray and the 3 DVD's. This will be an awesome birthday present for little girls in my family.

  9. I am not sure how you send in both rebates. They both say you need to have the proof of purchase upc attached to the rebate form. Do you know if one of them will except a copy? Or what I need to do?


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