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Price Points!!

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I have a lot of emails lately about Price Points.  A price point is the amount of money you are willing to pay for an item.

Every single person’s price point will be different.  And I’m sure my price point is a little more extreme than most of yours.

The best way to determine your own Price Point is by learning.  When you first start out couponing, you will find you are willing to pay a lot more for a particular item.  And after you have been couponing for awhile, you will learn how cheap you can get certain items and your personal price points will build from there.

Here is a list of some of my personal Price Points.  Yours definitely do not need to be this dramatic.  But this will at least give you an idea of how cheap items really do go.

Toothpaste– I will NEVER pay for it….unless I have run out and then I will only pay $.25 for it.

Deodorant– Usually will only buy if it is Free.  Around $.25- $.50 if I am wanting a particular brand is also a great price point.

Refridgerated Cookie Dough– $.75

Cereal– Usually wait to buy it unless it is $.75 a box or less.  And that is for the good kind of cereal!  Sometimes I will buy it if it is only a $1.00, if my husband is begging me for a certain brand.

Yogurt– I will never pay more than $.25 per cup. And, that is for every brand.

Hot Dogs– Will never pay money for.  You can always get those free, especially in the summer.  So stock up and freeze them!

Those are just a few that I can think of, off the top of my head.  But, I am sure you all have your own ideas of what you are willing to pay for an item.  And if you are just starting out and you happen to pay more for an item and realize it a week later, that’s ok!!  Couponing is a learning experience.  But everyone learns fast.

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  1. I just wanted to say to everyone, that your personal price points will differ not just based on experience as a coupon user, but also based on your available time. When you only have 1 child, 1 nap schedule, and one bedtime, you can be a little more picky. ( I remember those days) You are able to go to many stores a week,or even a day. and you NEED TO BUY LESS. I have 5 children,ages 18 to 3 (3 BIG TEENAGE BOYS). There are a lot of different schedules to account for, and although I too will pay $0. for deoterent and toothpaste, I need 8 boxes of cereal a WEEK , 3 tubes of toothpaste, 16 rolls of paper towels, 7 cases of water, 5 loaves of bread, 6 lbs. of cheese, 4 dozen eggs and 16lbs of meat………you get the point. I buy seven papers a week, and do VERY good with coupons. Yesterday, I spent $44.00 at Walgreens….but, I saved $195.00!!!!! On a weekly basis I spend about 25-30 hours on coupons. Finding them, cutting, sorting, and then using them. I just want all to know, as a long time coupon user, keep in mind that as your family size grows, your children get bigger,you have more and more responsibilities, and you get less an less sleep ( I sleep less now than when I brought home my newborns… about 4-5 a night ) what you are willing to spend will probably change. With three different school schedules, seminary, 1 child I home school , my church responsibilities, and oh yeah, My husband, I cant ALWAYS wait to get FREE cereal…..although I try.

  2. Here I thought I was doing good. You guys are great at finding the deals. Do you usually get the toothpaste,deodorant and/or hot dogs that cheap because of double coupons or just a great sale with a coupon. Just curious.

  3. Brenda-You ARE doing great!! I was worried about doing this post because my price points are so different than other people. They are only that way because I have been couponing for awhile. Those items will always go that cheap during the year a few times. And that is just with a sale and a regular coupon!But, if you are just starting out seriously don't worry! Just keep following the blog and I will post when those deals are happening.


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