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Make Some Money by Opening a Checking Account!

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So for the past two months, Chase has been sending me these letters in the mail.  If I open up a checking account with them, they will give me $100.  I didn’t post this earlier for all of you because I thought it was only for my area.  But, I just found out from Couponer’s United that they have a webpage too!  Now, all of you can participate.  You will just need to enter in your zipcode to see if the offer is valid for you.

If it is, this is how it works:

  • Open up a Free Checking Account and deposit $100 of your own money into the account.
  • If you set up a direct deposit, the $100 Bonus will be added to your account immediately.
  • If you decide to not set up direct deposit, then you will need to use your debit card 5 times and then the $100 Bonus will add to your account.
  • You will need to keep the checking account open for 6 months, or the $100 will come out when you close the account.
  • Also, it looks like you may need to use your debit card 5 times each month, in order to not be charged any monthly fees.

This is a pretty easy thing to do for some extra money!  Plus, there don’t seem to be any exclusions on your spouse doing the same thing.  You will want to check with Chase, but you essentially could both get $100!

And for our family, $200 extra for our upcoming Disneyland trip is perfect!

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  1. My husband and I BOTH did this a while back! We each opened our own checking accounts and got an EXTRA $100 each! Even if you already have a joint account with Chase (like we do) you are eligible!

  2. I did this last year, and closed the account about 9 months later. I guess I didn't read the fine print very well, because they sent me a tax form at the end of the year…showing the $100 as interest, that I had to claim on my 1040 form. 🙁

  3. Michelle-You only need to claim that if its over $1501. Your tax program/accountant should've told you that. It won't hurt you in any way. :)Also, you need to leave at least 100$ dollars in. So while it is a free $100 ya gotta leave it in 6 months, AND use your debit card 5 times a month, or they charge you. So, if its not your main bank account, its really hard to remember. So, for us, it ended up only being a free $50 bucks. SO KEEP UP ON IT! 🙂 We closed it 6 months to the day we opened it too 🙂


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