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HURRY! $10 off $20 Purchase at Kmart Coupon! Use it on Double Days!

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Ok, we all know that Utah stores are participating in the Double Coupon Days promotion at Kmart that is coming up next month!  But, Kmart just released a $10 off $20 coupon and we can use it during that event!  That means some serious savings for all of us.

Grab the $10 off $20 Kmart Coupon.  It is located next to the Blue Lightblub.

I am guessing this coupon won’t be around for long.  So grab it now! (Thanks Hip2Save & OurThriftyIdeasBecomeOne)

**You cannot double the $10 off coupon.  But, I am hoping we can use it on top of our items we buy during the double event.  The fine print is a little confusing about that .  Even if we can’t use it along with the double event, it is still 50% off of anything you want to buy at Kmart!

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  1. It says on the coupon that it cannot double. Is that right?

  2. Right, the coupon cannot double… BUT, you can use it along with other coupons you are doubling. Since it is a store coupon, you can use that at the same time as your manufacturer coupons.

  3. Cool! Thanks!

  4. It does say "Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s) and cannot double." That seems to me that if you are using a coupon already on the things you are buying that you cannot use this coupon? What do you think?

  5. Blue light bulb?? I don't see any. Did I miss it already??

  6. When I print the coupon it cuts off part of the coupon. Not the bar code though. Is this happening to anyone else?

  7. I went today and they wouldn't let me use the $10 off with any other coupon.

  8. anyone know if the coupon is valid if printed more than once? I am assuming it is because I can print multiple copies. what do you all think? And, has anyone else tried to use this coupon with manufacturer coupons?

  9. I used this $10.00 off coupon tonight at the Layton, UT store. I was able to use a coupon with it. I used a $5.00 off Baby Alive doll coupon, I paid $5.00 for it.

  10. There's no coupon by the light bulb for me either. ?

  11. Sorry guys… the coupon that was listed is gone now. I think it printed out in just a few hours. They only had 40,000 to give away!

  12. I went to the Spanish Fork Kmart and they told me that it was only good at the New York Store and that they could not accept it! Just a heads up!


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