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You guys know that I hate paying full price for anything… one of those things that I hate paying full price for is trash bags.  The coupons we get for trash bags are about $.55 off.  And considering they are priced at around $6.00.  It is not much of a savings.

Money Saving Madness just told me about the Home Depot Garden Club!  They will send special email coupons to you.  One of the coupons they just received was a Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Glad Trash Bags!  They also received a Buy 1 House Plant, Get 1 Free Coupon too! 

As Spring approaches, we will continue to get great coupons on all of our outdoor and gardening needs.  I am hoping they will have an awesome flowers coupon soon.  I need to create a beautiful flowerbed, but I don’t want to pay full price for it! (Thanks MoneySavingMadness and for the picture of the coupon too!)

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  1. Here's what I do for a cheap garden: Every spring IFA has a sale on their perrenials for about $1.25 a plant. These are small plants, so they take 1-2 years to look really pretty, but you can always use annuals to feel in the empty spaces in the meantime. Also, last year I tried using a Jiffy greenhouse. You can get these at Walmart for about $6.00. They have 72 peat pots that you can use to start your seeds. This year I started it again. I bought a bunch of seed for &.20 a packet. I have tomatoes, squash and some perrenials growing already and will have 72 plants for around 10 dollars. That's about &.14 a plant!


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