Family Fresh Foods Weekly Deals 3/8- 3/14

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Family Fresh Foods is the only store in Utah that doubles coupons each and every day.  If you haven’t shopped there before, it is a smaller store and doesn’t carry every item.  But, if you know what you are getting before you go, you can get a LOT of items for free or dirt cheap! To see my video post about my first trip to Family Fresh Foods, go here.  ***MOST IMPORTANT:  They will only double a coupon that is $1.00 or lower.  Any coupon amount above $1.00, will NOT be doubled.  So keep that in mind before you go.

Tips for Family Fresh Foods:

Their ads run Monday to Sunday. So, it is different than the rest of the grocery stores in Utah. They will put up a preview of their weekly ad on Saturday. I love having it up early so we can get the deals put together before Monday.
They are an Associated Food Store, so they will usually take Associated Food Store Coupons like the Budget Buster Coupon booklet you got from Macey’s in the mail.
All meat in their Meat Department is All Natural. That means it isn’t injected with any hormones, steroids, fillers or other preservatives. (I love that!) Plus, they grind up all of their hamburger meat and make their sausages there. So, they don’t put any of the fatty and bad stuff in the meat!
They get most of their produce from Local Farmers Markets. That means fresher items that last longer and better prices because they don’t have to pay for the transportation!
The store will not give you overage on the coupons. So if your coupon, or doubled coupon ends up being more than the item, they will adjust it to be free.
When you check out, they want each coupon to be on top of the item on the grocery belt. That way, the cashiers can make sure each coupon is doubled correctly.
They WILL NOT double a coupon that says “Do NOT Double” on it. So you will want to check your coupons beforehand.
If you are using an in-store coupon from their weekly ad. You will need to have one coupon for each item. They will let you grab additional ads at the customer service desk.

BEST Weekly Deals from Family Fresh Foods 3/8-3/14

**I’m pretty sure none of the coupons listed say “Do not Double”.  If they do and I missed it, let me know!

Freschetta Pizzas $2.99
Use the $.75 off coupon
Or use the $1.00 off coupon
$1.00 is Doubled to $2.00
Total cost $.99!!

Michelina’s Entrees $.69 each with in-ad coupon (limit 10)
Use 2 of the $1.00 off 5 coupon
Doubles to $4.00 off 10
Total cost $.29 each, when you buy 10!

Trident Layers Gum $1.09
Use the $.75 off coupon from the 2-07-10SS
Then doubled
Total cost FREE

Quaker Oatmeal 10-packs $2.99
Use the $1.00 off coupon
Then doubled
Total cost $.99!

Chinet Lunch Plates 36 pack $2.99
Use the $1.00 off Chinet Coupon
Then doubled
Total cost $.99!!

Bar S Franks $.89
Use 2 of the $1.00 off 2 Bar S Coupon
Then Doubled
Total cost 4 for FREE!

Nabisco Premium Saltines $2.39
Use the $1.00 off Saltines Coupon from the 01-24-10SS
Then doubled
Total cost $.39!!

**Those are just a few of the great deals I saw.  If you want to see more, check out Savvy Sister Shops for a complete list!  She is the resident guru on Family Fresh.

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  1. Sara Lee is a do not double.

  2. Off the topic, but did you ever get the freebie scissors or spoon we signed up for months ago. I remember you said you never know if they show up, mine never did, I just wondered if yours did. Thanks!

  3. I found a lot more unadvertised deals at Family Fresh Foods this morning! Thanks, Melea!Are you really coming up to shop here every week?!

  4. So is this double coupon at every store!! ???

  5. Emily-There is only one Family Fresh location and it is in Ogden Utah. You may be thinking of Fresh Market. They do NOT double coupons.Anonymous-Actually, those two items I did never get. But I did get a TON of other great freebies in the mail!

  6. Family fresh also honors both ads on monday the previous week and the next week. At least they did a few weeks ago when I did a bigger shopping trip there. Might want to check with them again but I am pretty sure they still do.

  7. Cristi-I checked with them on that. And they don't overlap their ads anymore. It was too hard for people to understand and keep track of. Thanks!

  8. The Freschetta pizzas aren't $2.99. The Red Baron pizzas are. 🙁

  9. Okay, I just got back from Family Fresh Foods tonight (Monday March 8) I got a ton of great deals, but they said they do not double the coupons anymore if it takes you over the amount of the item. They will only give you the face value of the coupon. Like the Kellogs fruit snacks were 1.50 and I had a coupon for 1.00 so it should have been free, but they said that they don't do that any more because it was too confusing, so I only got a 1.00 off, which is still a great deal, but stinks because I was so excited to get free stuff.Is this the new policy or did they just not like me?

  10. Kristy-I was there last week and that definitely was not the policy. Did a cashier tell you that? Or did you talk to a manager or the owner?

  11. The $2.99 Freschetta pizzas are the single serve ones. They are not by the other freschetta ones. I believe they are 3 or 4 doors down on the top shelf!

  12. Awesome! Thanks!

  13. went there today…just about everything is gone…blue bunny ice cream, yoplait smoothies, oscar mayer bologna, keebler cheescake cookies…all gone. I noticed that the coupons I had…the store didn't carry those items and then like I said the coupons I had the items were gone. I also noticed that the prices were marked up more than let's say Target or Walmart. All in all…nothing to rave about. Watch items at your local store and get just as good of deals.

  14. I called and talked to the manager Dave today. He said they will double the coupons up to the item price, so you can get free stuff. He said the two guys that were there last night must be confused. So Dang! I'm out 3.00, but I think I'll live!:)

  15. Do they double only manufacturer coupons, or will they double the AFS coupon from Macey's add?

  16. Only Manufacturer's coupons can be doubled.

  17. I also went to Family Fresh. The Chinet Plates are not on sale any more. I asked someone and the grabbed an ad for the week and they were no longer on sale. The owner or manager gave me the larger 15 count for the 2.99 price though. I don't think he will do this for everyone, but I was so pleased with their desire to help me get the products I was after.


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