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Entertainment Books only $5.50!!!

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From now until March 14th, all Entertainment Books are on sale for $17.50.  Plus, shipping is completely free! 

If you purchase your Entertainment Book through ShopAtHome, you will actually get $7.00 Cash Back.  Plus, if you have never used ShopAtHome before, you will get a $5.00 Bonus!  So, you will end up getting $12.00 back, making the book cost only $5.50!  WOW!

You WILL save more than the cost of the book the very first time you use it!  I love my Entertainment Book.  I use it all of the time. There are a ton of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupons in the book for restaurants and great local retail coupons too!  **After you purchase the book, you will be able to immediately go online and print out coupons on their site too!

And, once you get an Entertainment Book, you will start buying one every year because you will become addicted to the discounts!

  1. Sign up or Sign in to ShopAtHome.
  2. Then, put Entertainment Book in the search engine
  3. Click on the Entertainment Book link.  It will securely transfer you to the Entertainment Book Website.
  4. Put in your zipcode and place your order.
  5. In a few days, you will see the credit in your ShopAtHome account.
  6. ShopAtHome pays out about every two months. And I believe you will need to have a $20 credit before they will pay you out.  But, purchase a few other things within the next month or so through ShopAtHome and you will get the extra $8 you need easily. They deposited my money right into my Paypal account.  But they send checks too!!

**I already have my Utah Entertainment Book, but I am also purchasing a Orange County California Entertainment Book because our family is going to Disneyland soon.  It is a great way to save on Food when you go on vacation!

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  1. if you are skeptical that buying this book is actually worth it to you, put that aside and get it now at this great price! i have been hearing numerous people like melea rave about this book for months & months, but didn't think it would be that great of a savings for ME personally. i don't have kids yet, so just me & hubby. i thought these savings would be for places i never go to. BUT I WAS WRONG! I just bought this thru shop at home so i haven't even gotten the book yet, but even just the online printables for food are already looking so valuable to us and will save us way more than i spent on the book. thanks melea!-darcie

  2. We have the Utah book, too. And love it! So this is a great deal for the Orange County book. We are hitting Disneyland in April!!

  3. I just did this…but the price it's telling me is $20. Is there a code I need to enter for the $17.50 price?

  4. Sorry, it looked like the deal just changed. But, you can still get the $7.00 cash back and the $5.00 if you are new to ShopAtHome. So your total cost will be $8.00! Still a great deal!

  5. Whoops! My mistake, it IS still $17.50. It will show something different when you pull up Entertainment Book on Shopathome. But, if you click on it and go to the Entertainment site, it will show $17.50


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