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Double Coupon Event for Kmart!! YAY!!

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As you know, doubling coupons can make a HUGE dent in how much you save at the store.  I am excited to announce that Kmart is planning on having a double coupon promotion from April 4- April 10th!  Not all stores will be participating.  So you may want to contact or your local Kmart to see if if your store is.

However, if you live in Utah, One Cheap Chick actually contacted Corporate and the promotion will be at EVERY store in Utah!  YAY!

However, there are a few rules:

  • You can only double 5 coupons per day.  (Looks like you may be shopping Kmart every day that week!)
  • Offer doesn’t include Kmart Coupons or Pharmacy coupons
  • They will double up to a $2.00 coupon!  That means you can get up to $4.00 off an item!

(Thanks OneCheapChick)

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  1. Hey Melea-the last time Kmart doubled we tried to do it. Even after contacting Corprate, the manager of the store refused. So make sure you call before going in to the store to make sure they are participating here in Utah.

  2. This is awesome news!!! I don't ever shop at Kmart but I'm going to now!

  3. Annalee which store did u go to so we know to avoid that one?

  4. Question–Sorry I am new at the couponing thing. What does it mean when you get to double your coupon?Thanks.

  5. What abt coupons that say Do Not Double — which most say — will they double those?

  6. Wu-Instead of getting $2.00 off with coupon, you can get $4.00.Anonymous-No, you can never double coupons that say Do NOt Double. There are plenty that dont say that though. Start looking for them now.

  7. I've tried the West Jordan, the draper, as well as the one on 900 E and I think 6200 S.???? not exactly sure the address of that one. The funny thing is, is their regional manager was there while we were and they allowed us to do it, but he said he wouldn't again (at the 9th east one). It's worth a shot. Maybe if there is enough of us that do it, maybe more of them will!!

  8. I went to Kmart today, and they would NOT let me use the $10. off $20. They said they are Fake. I was mad. Walked out with NOTHING!


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