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As promised, I am posting about the Disneyland Deals!  There are many ways to save while you are at Disneyland and many of you have commented about your great saving tips.  So Thank you!

But what about Vacation Packages to Disneyland including Tickets and Hotel stay?  I searched and searched everywhere to find the best deal for that.  And I am so excited to share what I found!  And the awesome deal I am getting on my Disneyland Trip on Thursday!

We ended up booking our trip through Get Away Today. And I seriously couldn’t be more excited about it! I had seen Get Away Today on Good Things Utah and through advertisements, but I just thought they were like other travel companies.  Boy, was I wrong!!

Get Away Today is completely different than other travel companies for a few reasons.  This is why I decided to go with them over anyone else:

1. They have a Best Price, Best Service Guarantee! A best price guarantee?  That is enough for me, because you all know I want the best price no matter what.  But they keep getting better!!

2. Every single one of their Agents have been to the hotels and locations you are staying at.  So, you can actually call them up and ask them which hotel is a perfect fit for your family.  I think that is so great to have someone to talk to who really knows! They send their agents to different locations each year.  So, they are always in-the-know!

3. Get Away Today has been doing Disneyland Vacations for 20 years!  They actually have personal relationships with Disney Directly.  That means, they are able to negotiate deals for you that other travel agencies cannot get!  Disney actually called THEM to give them First Access to the West Coast Disney Cruise Line that starts in January 2011!

4. Get Away Today has even negotiated “special coupons” with restaurants in Downtown Disney and surrounding restaurants.  You cannot find coupons for these restaurants anywhere else!  Food gets really expensive.  So, I love that they have these special coupons to give directly to their customers when they book their vacation.  They will email the coupons to you right after you book your vacation!

5. For 20 years, Get Away Today has given back a portion of their purchase price to local schools and hospitals.  To date, they have given over 2 Million dollars to places like Primary Children’s Hospital!

6. I cannot recall a vacation that didn’t have something go wrong.  It just tends to happen on a vacation right?  Get Away Today actually has customer service on staff 7 days a week- 365 Days a year… even on Holidays!  So, if you have a problem at the hotel or with anything else, you can call them up and they will take care of it.  Or, if you decide while you are there that you want to go to Sea World or Universal Studios, you can call them up and they will book it for you at their discounted rate… instead of you paying full price at the Ticket Window.

7. Get Away Today will call you once during your trip to make sure everything is going ok!  If that isn’t customer service, I don’t know what is!

8. Get Away Today will get exclusive promotions that you can’t find anywhere else like Free Extra Nights, Free Parking, Free Breakfasts and more.

9. When you purchase your Disneyland Tickets through them, you will get a “Magic Morning Early Entry” Pass.  You can enter the Park earlier than everyone else. So, you will get first pick at all of the rides.  This is MY FAVORITE thing.  It really helps you ride the rides that usually have long lines!

If you were to buy your Disneyland Tickets directly from Disney, you would pay $184 For a 3-Day Park Hopper Bonus Ticket.  If you purchase it through Get Away Today, you can get a 3 Day Park Hopper Bonus Ticket for only $146!  And, if you wanted to go for 6 days, it is still cheaper than buying the $184 Disney Price!  It would only cost you $167.  Most of you are probably buying at least 4 tickets to Disneyland.  That means you would save $152 on your family JUST on Disneyland Tickets for a three day pass!

They even have discounts on Character Dining.  And if that is something that you haven’t done, you will need to do it at least once in your lifetime!

I actually met with Get Away Today last week to see if they would be willing to offer Freebies2Deals Readers a discount and THEY WILL!  So, not only do you get the Best Price Best Service Guarantee, but you will get an additional $10 off any vacation package that you book.  A vacation package includes hotel and park tickets.  If you book online, use the code Freebies.  Or, if you call in, just give the same code.  Awesome Right??  The code expires April 30th.

THE BEST PART:  We all want to go on a fun vacation with our families, but sometimes we don’t have the upfront cost to make the reservation.  Get Away Today will actually let you book your complete reservation and then you can make payments on it until your vacation date arrives!  And, they DON’T CHARGE INTEREST!!!  How cool is that?

You could plan your trip for 6 months from now, or a year from now and just make payments on the trip until you leave!  I think that is one of the coolest things about Get Away Today.  They are really trying to make a Disneyland Trip do-able for your family. Every single one of us could do a Disneyland Trip making payments!

We actually booked our vacation through Get Away Today and we leave on Thursday. So I will be doing a bunch of video posts about my our vacation and adventures in savings while I am there!! 

**Right now, there is a special promotion going on until April 1st! If you buy 3 Nights, you will get 2 Free!  That’s crazy!  Plus, the package price includes 3-Day Disneyland Park Hopper Bonus Tickets with Magic Morning Early Entry! 

Oh, I am so excited for all of us!  Disneyland, here we come!

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  1. Hey Everyone! I was just reading through your comments and something strange happened. I must have clicked on something that deleted all of your comments! So sorry about that!

  2. I as so excitted to see the post about Get Away Today!! My brother (Blake) works there and I 100% agree with what you wrote!! They are an amazing company to book through. I would highly recommend a charactor breakfast for any going to Disneyland though. Try Goofey's Kitchen, it was so amazing and a HUGE highlight to our Disney Adventure!!! Have Fun!!!

  3. I Love that you told us about Get Away Today but in what other ways are you going to save money? I know how expensive it can be to shop/eat in the parks ($3 for bottled water are you kidding me??) did you find anything other discounts??. Please and Thank you for all you do and your amazing blog!!


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