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Direct Buy is offering a Free Month Membership!! HURRY! Limited Supply!

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UPDATE:  They are actually offering a Free 30 Day Membership!  That is even better than what I previously wrote!

I have heard a lot about Direct Buy, but I have never had the chance to try them out!  For a limited time, they are offering a completely free 30 Day Membership to Direct Buy .  Direct Buy is a great way to buy big products for every room in your home for wholesale cost!

The Free 30-Day Memberships ave a limit on them. So they are only offering a few of them out. So, even if you THINK you may want to see their showroom for free, grab it before it is gone!

Hurry on this one!

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  1. They are actually offering a free 30-day membership on their site. This is a special I haven't seen before, but the one-day passes I've always seen available. Beware, I've heard the sales pressure to join is pretty intense.

  2. Not to shoot anything down, cause I love almost all the deals you put on here, but I did some research on "as seen on tv" review sites…and this doesn't look too promising. It seems that you actually don't save money when purchasing through direct buy

  3. I use to work there. Not worth it.

  4. We have a membership & have saved tons. Even for someone who's very thrifty. Seriously. I guess it just depends on what you want out of your membership & if you can see the long term aspect of it.

  5. My husband and I went to this a few years back and it is REALLY expensive to join I am talking about 5 to 7 thousand dollars, and if you don't join the day you go you have to wait 7 years to join again. They may have changed the rules since then, but I doubt it. This would be something good for people who have to furnish their entire house from scratch.

  6. It is one of those that you have to decided then and there, that day! You can't leave and think about it. When they first opened in Utah my hubby and I went to check it out. Against our normal policy of never buying on the spot, we joined. Big mistake! It is quite costly and when we did look to purchase items it really wasn't any better than retail once you paid shipping fees. We joined because we were building our own home. There were promises of huge savings on building materials, cabinets, carpet, etc. We never heard back from anyone with quotes. They appeared to be too busy to help. It might be better now and might work for someone. I don't know but my two cents, "Buyer beware."


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