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City Deals! Gift Cards to you favorite places for half the price!

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I have had a lot of readers email me and rave about a place called  CityDeals has Gift Cards for Entertainment, Restaurants, Family Activities, Hotels, Retail and more.  The amazing part is you rarely pay full price, most of the gift cards are half off!!

Here is a great example:  Carver’s Steakhouse is one of the best steak restaurants in Utah.  It is actually one of our favorite places to go.  But, it can get expensive.  On you can get a $25 Gift Card to Carver’s for only $12.50!!  There is no catch, there are no exclusions and you can use the Gift Card on any amount of food! 

I’ve posted a lot about  However, they have exclusions, you have to purchase a certain amount and you get a printed piece of paper as your gift certificate.  CityDeals will actually mail you a professionally designed Gift Card right to your home and their Gift Cards are for places you will actually go on a regular basis!

Here are just a few of the activities you can get huge discounts on:
Miniature Golfing/ Golf Courses
Comedy Sports Clubs
Movie Tickets
Rock Climbing
Sporting Events
The list goes on and on.

I have told all of you before about things you should never pay full price for.  Activities with your family or a date night with your husband should be one of them!  Just because money is tight does not mean we can’t go out and have fun!  CityDeals is really making it affordable for all of us!

So, now the fun part!  I have been working with CityDeals this past week on some serious Giveaways!  I have never had a company been so generous and straight up crazy with what they are offering.  So stay tuned for that!

Right now, you guys will want to make sure you register with City Deals so you can start saving money on going out too.  They will let you know about the best deals you can get through their website.
Go to and click on the Register button at the top.  You can buy gift cards whenever you want.  Plus, because you registered, you will already have an entry for the giveaways that are happening within the next few weeks!  Pretty Sweet! 

I am seriously so excited for you guys!  And I’m having a really hard time keeping a secret.  But, let me just say, the giveaways they are sponsoring on my site are not sissy giveaways.  These are insane, out of this world type of things.  So get ready, register and stay tuned for the announcement!

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  1. wahoooo!!!!!!!! i love citydeals! thanks melea

  2. Maybe I'm just dumb, but when I click on the link, the only tabs at the top are home and My Rewards. You can register for the My Rewards program. Is that what we need to register for?Thanks for all you do!

  3. Tiff- Right above the search button is a link that says Register. Just click on that.

  4. Subscriber of Freebies2Deals candytatton@yahoo.comreferred Colleen Larsen ;

  5. I like city deals, but you have to have a credit/debit card to work with them and it takes over a week to get the gift certificate mailed to you. There are other more expensive shipping options, however, if you're trying to save money it defeats the purpose to pay more for shipping. In other words…plan ahead…way ahead!

  6. Gosh it really took that long for you? I got mine in a day or two. So, it was really fast for me.


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