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Alice: Household Items and Groceries Shipped Right to you!

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There is a great site called  Alice does your grocery shopping for you.  Plus, they have coupons already on their site that you can use to make your items even cheaper.  Plus, shipping is always free! 

There have been times when with their online coupon, you could get items for pretty close to free.  Other times, it is the same price as you would pay at the store.  Especially for the items you always have to buy, like diapers, trash bags, paper towels, you can check to get a better price.  And, if you factor in not having to put your kids in the car, drag them around the stores, pay for gas there and back, you will save even more money by ordering through and getting free shipping.

Once you sign up, I would recommend reading the FAQ section and taking a few minutes to move around the site.  They have a lot going on and a lot of products you can buy.

**By the way, did I mention that is free??

—Lyndsey, this could be a good option for you.  However, they can’t send parishables.  I would also call your local stores to see if they will bring you groceries.  I think Harmons does that and I know that Alberstons used to.  But I don’t know what you have near your home!

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  1. Oh you're good! Ask and you shall receive. Thank you so much for finding this site and answering my question. I am sending you a big cyber hug! Thanks again!

  2. PS Thanks also for spelling my name correctly 🙂

  3. Yes I found this place last week and placed my first order. I feel I got better deals on most of my items than I could get shopping at the store. What got me was the shippingwas totally free. My order arrived yesterday, well packed and just as expected. There is not 1 thing I could complain about. Completely stocked up on deodorant, shampoo, hairspray, paper towels, hair gel, lotion and vitamins for the next 2 months for my family of 6 for only $24. All name brand stuff we are used to using also. Love it!

  4. I found myself while searching for a hard to find item for a craft project. You should post about it again as a lot of people like myself have only started using freebies2deals recently. I love because I save money just by staying out of a store. Other sites I’ve found always wanted shipping on at least some of the items (like toliet paper) and I was super impressed with the way things were packed.


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