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$25 Gift Certificate to Rod Works HALF OFF! Plus a 40% off coupon!

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I don’t know about you, but I really need to decorate my home.  And it is really hard to find great deals on Home Decor items. 

I was going through the CityDeals website today and noticed they have a Rod Works $25 Gift Card for only $12.50!!  That’s half off! 

Plus, Rod Works sends out coupons all of the time in your Val Pak mailers and other coupon advertisements you get in your mailbox.   Sometimes, they are for 40% off. You could end up getting $25 item for only $10 with coupon.  And, since you purchased the $25 Gift Card for only $12.50, you will still have $2.50 left over!!   WOW! 

Plus, if you sign up for Rod Works’ email updates on their website, you will be automatically entered in a drawing for a $100 Gift Card.

This is a killer deal!  And now that I mentioned how sweet this deal is, the Gift Cards will probably sell out fast! 

**Plus, don’t forget!! You get an entry into my giveaway if you create an account with City Deals… And since you will need to do that to grab this item before it is gone, that is just another entry for you!  You could win an All-Expense Paid 5-Star Dinner with me at Carver’s Steakhouse!  6 People will win.  So tell all of your friends who are new to couponing and they could come with you!

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  1. I am on Rod works mailing list and with the coupons I get in the mail, I have only ever seen 25% off. Where are you getting 40% off coupons?

  2. Jessica-I think it may have been in the Utah County magazine mailer they send out. The next time I see one, I will have to let everyone know!! Maybe it was just a one time thing. 25% off Coupons are still awesome!

  3. I created an account with so sign me up for the contest. I would love a free dinner and would enjoy picking your brain!

  4. Julie-Leave a comment on the Giveaway post. I linked you to it in this post. That way, I will be able to count your entry. Make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you if you won.

  5. Got mine!!! YAY! I love these deals!!!

  6. just tried to get it, they're all sold out! bummer!

  7. Awesome! I just got one! Thanks!

  8. Kari-I just checked and it looks like they are still available. So try again.

  9. Thanks Melea! I got one! They restocked! 🙂

  10. Yeah! I got one too! I heard about your website on Facebook and I am now a fan. I also subsrcibed to get you emails and got the card. Thanks 🙂


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