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There are some rumors going around the Blogosphere about Quaker Oatmeal cups and Capn Crunch being a part of the $5.00 Target Gift Card Quaker Deal.  I don’t usually like to post rumors until I see for myself…especially because I live in Utah and things tend to be different here.

However, I will check it out today!  If that is the case, we should be able to make money buying the Quaker Oatmeal Cups.  And don’t get too excited, Target Gift Card deals usually last the entire month.  So, you won’t need to run out this second.

I will let you guys know what I find today!

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  1. inside the ad, it says free $5 gift card with the purchase of 5 selected quaker items. It is right next to the quaker oatmeal that is $2.75 each.Page #2

  2. at the american fork target today there was a sign for the Quaker Oatmeal cups that said it was included in the $5 gift card promotion and each was $2.02, but it was only for 1 of the flavors which was all gone. So I couldn't actually try it out, but seems like it is true that you could get 5 for just $0.02 ea plus tax (after considering the $5 GC).

  3. oops…my comment above doesn't have the pricing right so don't go by it. sorry!

  4. Sandy wouldn't do it and the picturka card game is sold out

  5. The District Target didn't have any of the single serve cups. Either I got there too late and other couponers got them all, or Target took them down.

  6. I really hate walgreens! ah. they are so annoying. I called corporate today. they would not accept my 2/2 nabisco coupons because the product was .01 cheaper than the coupon.. cant they change it? I was so flustered. then they charged me for them anyway and I didnt notice until after I left so I get to go BACK and be even more frustrating. The cashier was such a JERK.

  7. I just won a free pair of dockers from the superbowl ad. YAY!!

  8. That's so great! HOw did they contact you to tell you you won? By email or by text?

  9. They send you a email. I just got mine. And shipping is free too.

  10. I went to Target today and they DID NOT honor the quaker cups….they had to be the 'brown sugar' flavor cups only. They wouldn't honor any other flavor.I DID, however, price-match my WAGS ad to get the Captain Crunch and any other Post cereal $1.99 match-up; just had to bring in my WAGS ad to the customer service desk, and pay for my products there. It kept generating the $5 gift card like magic. Went back three times….lots of fun.


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