Swagbucks 2nd Birthday TODAY!!

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If you are a member of Swagbucks, listen up!  There are some great birthday celebrations going on today.  And, if you aren’t a member of Swagbucks yet, you will want to be!  Read my post about What Swagbucks is all about, if you are new.  I personally have only used the Swagbucks search engine and have received a TON of points! Are you just signing up for Swagbucks?? – use the code MELEASCODE to get 60 Bonus Points added to your account when you sign up!

As part of their Celebration, Swagbucks is launching Swagbucks 3.0.  This means that things will be even better than before and we will have more ways to earn digital dollars!

1- We will now get points for having the Swagbucks Toolbar and being signed into it.  We can also get even more points by viewing the “No Obligation” offers.

2- The Swagbucks homepage will completely remodeled to make using their site and search engine even easier.

3- If you are one who likes to use your Swagbucks for sweepstakes entries, they will be having a lot more of those.  Plus, they will have entry limits so your odds of winning are greater! 

4- The last and final change is really IMPORTANTStarting today, all Swagbucks and prices of the rewards will be multiplied by 10.  Rewards aren’t more expensive.  Everything is staying exactly the same.  But Swagbucks realized that by increasing the actual number we get per searching and the amount we pay for rewards equally will give us opportunities to earn Swagbucks between 1- 10 as well.  The lowest amount of Swagbucks you can get from searching is 10 now. So, if your Swagbuck balance was 300 before today, it will now show as 3000.  But, the prizes have been increased the same amount.  Make sense? If you want to know more about it, read about it here.

***Not only will all of these changes take place today, but there will be tons and tons of Swagbuck codes throughout Facebook, Twitter, the Swagbucks blog and more.  So keep checking them all day long!  If you don’t know how to get to those places, just go to the Swagbucks homepage.  They will have all the info there.

Want to sign up for Swagbucks and earn Free Gift Cards to your favorite stores?  Go here to sign upMake sure you enter MELEASCODE when you register to get 60 bonus points.  Swagbucks contacted me to give that special code to my readers!

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  1. I think rewards are more expensive. $5 amazon gift card was only 45 swagbucks and I had 41 and was really close to getting one. Than I looked today and they are now 450 swagbucks. Is there somewhere else where they are not as much?

  2. Yes. Your points were multiplied by 10 that you already had. And, the rewards like the Amazon Gift Card was multiplied by 10 too. So, instead of getting 1 swagbuck, you will get 10 from now on instead. Nothing has changed…. but the amounts will confuse people. You will be able to get the Amazon Gift Card by getting 40 more swagbucks (which is really like getting awarded 4). Make sense?


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