Second Update of the day!

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I’m sending out a second Freebies2Deals Email Update today!  Because of how much time was spent at the TV Station, I have been a little behind today on getting the deals set up.  So, here is your second deal update.

Oh, make sure you check the bottom of the update.  I sold out AGAIN for the coupon conference.  So I have 100 additional seats I just added. If you didn’t get your chance before, grab them now before they sell out again!!

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  1. hey melea it was so good to see you again on gtu!!! you did great! hey i noticed this morning when i got on the internet that i all of a sudden had 600 more swagbucks than i normally should have…am i dreaming? is it a mistake of some sort? i understand its their birthday and they are being more generous then usual but thats 600 sb! dont get me wrong im not complaining i just think its odd! do you know if anyone experienced anything similiar? o and i also won another 20 sb? this is nuts! but i love it!!

  2. ok hahaha i just read why!!! disregard above!! thanks!

  3. I so want to come, but we are moving that day! Do you know when you plan to schedule another one?

  4. I was at GTU & you did a great job, I was hoping you could have done an entire show! 🙂 Anyway, my Mom is coming to your class but I live in Oklahoma- you should have someone tape some of it & post it!


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