Coupon Codes / Restaurant Deals's New Promotion! $25 Gift Certificates for $2.00

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Since changes their promotional codes every week or so, I will keep updating you on what the newest code is.

Starting today, you can get $25.00 Gift Certificates for only $2.00 with code SAVOR. Remember that you have a whole year to use them.  So if you find someplace you really like, stock up.

Also, MAKE SURE you read all stipulations and rules for each gift certificate you buy.  Some come with a purchase requirement or one per table.

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  1. I've never used… if there is a min. purchase of $35 ahd the gift certificate I buy has a value of $25, could I buy 2 of them and use them both? Or would I have to pay the extra $10 out of pocket?

  2. You can usually only use one gift certificate per table. So, you would buy the $25 Gift Certificate for $2.00. You would end up paying $12.00 for a $35 meal. It is a great way to save if you are going to be eating out. So, you do have to pay the difference. But in my opinion, it is totally worth it.

  3. most places it is only one per table. so yes you would pay the remaining balance after the fist 25$. each restaurant will state its stipulations so make sure to read the fine print for each restaurant.

  4. Thanks guys!

  5. i used the code and bought 4 $25's and 2 $50's, and the total was $16! awesome!!!

  6. If the stipulation is to spend at least 35$ and I get a 50$ certificate instead of a 25$, does that change the amount you have to spend?

  7. Hallows Fam-That would be great if you could get a $50 Gift Certificate and there is only a stipulation to spend $35. I would be excited to know who is doing that… I think most have a higher amount if the gift certificate is for $50. But anyway- a $25 Gift Certificate Costs $2.00 with the promotion. A $50 Gift Certificate Costs $4.00.

  8. Melea, have you actually used these? I heard you have to sign up for something in order to purchase. I don't want to have to pay for something else…

  9. Tara-Yes, I have used these and have never had to sign up for anything else. A lot of readers love too.

  10. What a great find and a great deal!thank you.


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