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Great Reader-Found Deal at Wal-Mart

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I love it when new couponers get the hang of it all and score some awesome deals on their own.  Reader Lisa sent this email today and I just wanted to share it with all of you who are new to using coupons and finding deals! 

Just thought I’d share a deal I got at Wal Mart this afternoon!

I walked in the store and saw this on sale for $11 (regularly $17-$20)

I also used my coupon for the busy ball popper from (I printed it off a couple weeks ago) for an extra $5 off. Which made it only $6! I couldn’t have done it without all of your advice these past few weeks/months that I’ve been following your blog! It felt great to get a good deal.


So if any of you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of finding deals or using coupons, don’t worry!  You will get the hang of it.  Everyone does!  And soon you will be sending me awesome emails like this one from Lisa.

P.S. Lisa found this deal at the Centerville,UT Wal-Mart.  Each Wal-mart is different so you may not see the same deal at your store.  But let us know if you do see it at your location!

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  1. THANK YOU LISA! I printed the same coupon a few weeks ago, not thinking I would actually use it! I hope it's on sale in Murray! 🙂

  2. I got the 1st For Me Baby Alive Doll yesterday at Target for FREE! Some of them are on clearance for $4.98, (not all of them are, so scan barcode to check the price) so with the $5 off coupon that you can get online from Hasbro, it is FREE! (Normally these are $20, so that is a great deal). I also got a 20 count box of Herbal Tea from Pilot Travel Center. It is actually really good, and retails for $9. You just have to become a fan of Pilot on facebook, print out the coupon and take it in.

  3. This was $19.99 at the Riverton Walmart yesterday. Also, the Baby Alive doll was $19.99 at the District Target today. Where did you find the baby alive doll on clearance? My little 17 month old girl really wanted it today and I would like to get it for her Easter basket. Thanks!

  4. I was just at the Walmart in Centerville this morning and they had a center aisle display devoted to the clearance ball bopper toys (back by electronics). They had about 10 left when I picked mine up. Such a great deal for only 6 bucks!

  5. I found the baby alive at the Fort Union Target. I think the only ones that are on clearance are the African American Dolls. There was only one at the Fort Union store and it was hidden behind all the Caucasian dolls. Good luck!

  6. I got the ball popper at the Centerville Walmart last night. I didn't see a display but I picked up one (marked for about $19) in the toy aisle where it normally is and took it up front just to be sure. It rang up for $10 and then with the $5 off coupon I got it for $5! So if you don't see a display then just get it in the normal spot and take it up front. If it ends up ringing up regular price you can always tell them you don't want it. Give it a try — it was definitely worth it for me! 🙂


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